John O'Neill Sr.

John O'Neill Sr.

Helping others embrace technology!

Jefferson, Ohio, United States


John’s professional IT career began as a teenager, taking him on many wonderful adventures over the past 30 years. John’s IT path started with programming but branched out quickly. Opportunities from the Help Desk to the Corner Office shape his IT journey. Specializing in CyberSecurity, Cloud, and Infrastructure technologies, John’s broad skillset includes Business Systems (ERP/CRM/HRMS), Desktop and Server OS, Identity Management, Endpoint Management, Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, Networking Services, Network Architecture, IP Telephony, CyberInsurance, and CyberSecurity.

Passionate about giving back to the IT community, John develops relevant, timely content that IT Pros take advantage of immediately. Part of the MVPDays team, he develops both online and in-print content. In addition, John authored material as a contributing editor for the Petri.co.il online community as well as a senior contributor to Tom’s IT Pro, Redmond Magazine, Netwrix, and both Thomson-Reuters' Aspatore Books and Exec Blueprints publications.

Helping others succeed and advance in IT drives John to share knowledge. Speaking at conferences worldwide, developing technology training courses for Pluralsight’s online training library, and leading webinars are all regular investments by John in the current and next generation of IT professionals. Blending high-tech education with a bit of entertainment, attendees at John’s sessions regularly rate him as one of their favorite speakers. Attendees rated John top speaker for TechMentor Redmond 2019 and again in 2022.

John is proud to be honored by industry organizations, leaders, and especially his peers. A five-time recipient of Microsoft’s MVP Award, John received NEOSA’s CIO of the Year Award in 2012.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Executive Leadership
  • IT Operations
  • networking infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Risk Management
  • Cyberinsurance
  • AI and Cybersecurity

10 Habits Keeping You from IT Community Super Stardom

IT Pros are poster children for continuous improvement. Our challenge to keep skills relevant requires dedication, devotion, and commitment. Collaboration and communication help evolve not only personal growth, but the growth of our peers. Never spoke at a conference? Haven’t led a user group? Didn’t find time yet for blogging? This session, a conversation with three established IT Pros well-seasoned in community involvement, will lead you through challenges faced by everyone on their way to IT Community super stardom!

Using Windows Admin Center for Daily Administration

Windows Admin Center manages Windows Server running anywhere - physical, virtual, on-premises, even in Azure. The best part is, it’s free – the license is included with Windows Server! As great as it sounds, IT pros still need to know how and when to use it so they can take full advantage of its capabilities. This session provides attendees real world how-to knowledge to use Windows Admin Center successfully in their environments.

Surviving Ransomware Attacks with Microsoft 365 Defender

Ransomware is the nuclear bomb of malware. Annoying popups and single file deletion problems pale in comparison to the organization-level crippling most ransomware attacks produce. Not to mention the public relation nightmares! Microsoft brings to bear formidable defenses with their Microsoft 365 Defender line of products. Leveraging Microsoft 365 Defender, organizations attacked by ransomware minimize their damage and downtime.

PowerShell Tools and Techniques Basics for IT Pros, Not Devs

PowerShell is a super power for Windows admins. The problem is admins must focus on being admins, not learning the intricacies of coding conventions and programmatic constructs. Are you trapped in this black hole, with countless hours sucked away from your other IT responsibilities? If so, this session is for you! This session will cover numerous PowerShell tools, techniques, tips, and tricks that make short work of the most common IT Pro admin tasks!

Locking down a Modern Desktop with Security Baselines

In this world of work from anywhere and COVID-19. Locking down endpoints and protecting users is a must. During this session we will look at the built-in security baselines that come with Intune and how to deploy and test them.

Import your PSTs to Office 365 using Azure AzCopy

Organizations are moving to Office 365 left and right? Many of them what to do with all their user's PST archives. Wonder no more! Microsoft provides AzCopy to streamline this process. In this session, learn the do's and don'ts for using this tool to move user archives to the cloud.

Go from zero to hero using Azure Site Recovery: Surviving a ransomware attack

In a real-world scenario your primary data center has just been hit with a ransomware attack and the only option is to failover to DR. Luckily you came to our session last year and opted to setup Azure Site Recovery (ASR). During this session, learn everything you need to know to recover using Azure Site Recovery. You also have a chance to ask questions from the expert MVPs presenting the session.

Enhance Security While Increasing Your Admin Superpowers

The first half of this all day workshop focuses on improving security by eliminating those out of sight, out of mind security holes on our servers. Services running under user accounts, scheduled tasks running with credentials where passwords are set to never expire, these are threats to the security of our systems, yet admins use these techniques every day. Stop the insanity! Learn the background and step-by-step techniques for gMSA use in these scenarios. In the afternoon, we’ll take security and administration to the next level through the use of Just Enough Administration. Step-by-step, from start to finish, configure, deploy, and use JEA successfully!

Fast-Track Your Way to IT Pro Rockstar Status

Those new to IT often look at seasoned IT Pros wondering “how do they get things done so fast?” Usually, the answer is as simple as the tools in our toolbox. Over the years, we identify tools and techniques empowering us to complete a task in minutes rather than hours. Is it really necessary to wait years to gain these tools? NO! In this session, John O’Neill Sr. and Dave Kawula share the tools gained through 50 plus years combined experience in IT. Server management, network management, storage management, identifying performance issues, ensuring rock-solid disaster recovery, and much more is packed into this all-day workshop!

Cyber Security Awareness for the C-Suite

Cyber criminals aim squarely for the C-suite. Executives are prime targets for attackers. Successful attacks providing straight line access to an organizations systems, data, and stakeholders. Protecting the C-suite from modern cyber risk require IT Pros to move like a champion prize fighter. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” This session immerses attendees in the answers to two critical questions; “why” executives are such valuable targets for cyber criminals and “how” to protect them and the organization from exploitation.

Implementing Multifactor Authentication, the Easy Way

Let’s face it, passwords just don’t cut it anymore if you want robust protection for users and IT assets. Multifactor authentication is a must for security against modern IT threats. In addition, virtually all CyberInsurance policies require MFA without exception. Don’t worry, using two or more security factors doesn’t need to be difficult to implement or use. Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business provide excellent MFA with implementations as simple as they are robust. The Microsoft Authenticator App and OTP hardware tokens offer ease of use. Blasting on the scene is Microsoft’s Temporary Access Pass functionality. Learn to deploy all these and more in this jam-packed session!

John O'Neill Sr.

Helping others embrace technology!

Jefferson, Ohio, United States


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