Josefine Schaefer

Information & Communications Technology

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Hamburg, Germany

Josefine Schaefer

Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok

Initially from a communications background, Josefine got into frontend development in her late twenties by joining a coding boot camp. After working as a front-end developer for two years, she now combines her curiosity for tech with her experience in marketing and communications and works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. She is a Girl Code ambassador, passionate about all things web accessibility and coding communities.

Current sessions

Svelte - a shortcut to a11y?

Svelte has been described as an “accessibility-first-framework”, yet its compiler warnings cover only a fragment of the issues at hand. In this talk, I’d like to explore how accessible Svelte really is and more importantly, have a look at what you can do to bridge the gap. Ideas include checking both automatically and manually for issues the compiler might overlook, like color contrast, keyboard accessibility and semantics.

Accessibility in times of Headless

Web Accessibility is not only legally required in many countries, it is also the essential tool to make the web a more inclusive place for all. And while it’s a necessity for some, it benefits all of us: Through improved performance, better usability, and clearer design. A Headless CMS can pave the way for you here - using the example of Storyblok, we will explore the tools you need to set your website and your editor team up for success: Don’t leave adding things like adding alt attributes to chance - make them a requirement; Check your colour choices right away in the visual editor; Set up your pages in a way only semantically correct HTML structures are possible - there are many things you can do to make your website more accessible - and I want to show you how to do so in this talk.

Demystifying Web Accessibility

Accessibility is a decisive tool to make the internet a more inclusive place, it is absolutely crucial and despite the popular belief that only a small user group is affected, it benefits every single one of us. The reality doesn’t yet reflect that, though - accessibility often just seems like an afterthought.
I will show the benefits of implementing accessibility and eliminate some of the prejudices. ​I want the audience to take away the fact that it's rather easy to get started, that a little bit is better than nothing and give them helpful tools to put their motivation into action.

First public delivery at Codeland 2021

A Svelte Approach to Headless

Svelte is a great match for going headless - using the example of Storyblok, we’ll explore how to apply the concept of atomic design to your Jamstack project, make the most of performance speed and tell great stories. We will also approach the topic hands-on and set up a project with Svelte & Storyblok - In a matter of minutes, your frontend will be connected and ready to deploy. Discover the benefits of an API-first while working with your favourite technology.