Josh Beemster

Dijon, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

Josh Beemster

Technical Operations Lead @ Snowplow Analytics

Josh Beemster is the Technical Operations Lead at Snowplow Analytics. Responsible, along with a global team of SREs, for running hundreds of enterprise-grade open-source data collection pipelines as part of Snowplows Private SaaS solution.

Current sessions

Automating Private SaaS infrastructure across AWS & GCP at scale

How Snowplow leverages the HashiStack to automate the setup, upgrade and monitoring of over 150 big-data pipeline deployments across multiple clouds through our Private SaaS model. Snowplow provides a fully managed service solution where each client has their own individual systems stack that is 100% isolated from every other client and in their own cloud. We need our large (and growing) estate of configurable data pipelines to be consistent, up to date and secure - the HashiStack is a key part of our journey.