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Josh Ether

Josh Ether

TEDx Speaker | Strategic Servant Leader | Coach | Storyteller I Author | Consultant | Advisor I Teacher | Mentor I Guide | LinkedIn Top Facilitation Voice

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States


For the past 15 years, I have been an integral part of many successful organizations due to my experience and dedication. My coaching and consulting has allowed clients to achieve excellence as well as exceed their goals. It has been a privilege to be associated with such great achievements.

My Human Centered based methods have been proven to be successful, having been applied in a variety of projects with resounding results. My approach is comprehensive, taking into consideration all contributing factors to obtain the desired outcomes for clients that provide real value.

I'm passionate about empowering individuals and systems to identify and tackle the obstacles they face on their journey to success. Building trust within their systems through means of inspection, experimentation, and adaption we revise collaboration, & communication. I'm committed to helping my clients achieve long-term results. My ultimate goal is to support them in C.E.C. so that they can make lasting progress in life.

Collaboration is critical for the success of any solution. Working with a diverse group of people helps produce more effective results, and that's why I always strive to create an atmosphere where such collaboration can take place. By leveraging the skillsets of different individuals, we can develop high-quality solutions in a timely manner.

Experimentation is an invaluable tool in finding suitable solutions. To approach a problem in an effective manner, it's important to look beyond the traditional methods and explore something new. This might include using different techniques or tools to test out potential ideas and uncover the best solution. Experimentation gives us a chance to discover and try something that could potentially be groundbreaking, so it shouldn't be overlooked when dealing with complex problems.

Trust is essential for any team or organization to be successful. This confidence is established through effective communication and how information is shared. It's important to understand the power of these interactions, as they can create a feeling of reliability that allows everyone in the group to collaborate confidently.

The challenge organization’s face today is how to sustainably provide for the needs of growth while simultaneously protecting what has been built. A balanced approach is needed, one that combines sustainability with modern innovations. We must build a foundation for future prosperity that takes into account the needs of the organization, individual and the consumer.


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Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Government, Social Sector & Education
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Materials


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  • People Focused Approach: Key to Successful Tech Transformations
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What the Duck

"What the Duck," is an interactive workshop where we dive into the transformative world of Lego Serious Play. This hands-on session is designed to unlock the power of play in building community, trust, and connection within organizations. By engaging in collaborative Lego constructions, participants will not only have fun but also gain profound insights into team and cultural dynamics.

Neurodiversity Unlocked: Harnessing Unique Minds in Tech

Neurodiversity Unlocked: Harnessing Unique Minds in Tech

In the heart of innovation, the tech industry stands as a beacon for progress, yet it often overlooks a key aspect of diversity: neurodiversity. "Neurodiversity Unlocked: Harnessing Unique Minds in Tech" is a groundbreaking presentation aimed at unveiling the potential of neurodivergent individuals in creating more innovative, adaptable, and inclusive tech workplaces. This talk delves into the essence of neurodiversity, showcasing how individuals with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological differences contribute uniquely to problem-solving, creativity, and technical prowess.

Drawing from the Harvard Business Review's insights on "Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage" and celebrating the achievements of tech giants like Microsoft and SAP in their pioneering Autism at Work programs, this session provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and strategies for embracing neurodiversity in the tech sector. Through real-life success stories and data-driven evidence, attendees will learn about the practical steps and programs that can be implemented to support neurodivergent talent, from recruitment to retention and beyond.

We will also explore the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals in traditional work environments and how tech companies can remodel their practices to be more inclusive. Insights from the "Autism @ Work Playbook" by the Autism @ Work Employer Roundtable will guide our discussion on creating supportive ecosystems that enhance the strengths of neurodivergent employees.

Join us in unlocking the full potential of neurodiversity in the tech workplace, where diversity of thought leads to breakthrough innovations and a more inclusive future.

Mindful Tech

In an era where technology shapes our lives, the importance of mental health awareness within the tech industry cannot be overstated. "Mindful Tech delves into the critical need for integrating mental health practices and awareness into the tech workspace. This presentation highlights the founding of Unleashed Collective, a pioneering clothing initiative committed to supporting mental health communities by donating 100% of its proceeds to mental health resources.

We will explore practical strategies for fostering a mentally healthy workplace, drawing on research and insights from leading mental health organizations. The talk will showcase how tech companies can implement supportive policies and create environments that prioritize employee well-being, featuring examples from organizations that have led the way in mental health advocacy.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the unique mental health challenges faced by professionals in the tech industry and learn how so many organizations are making a difference. This session aims to inspire leaders and organizations within tech to take actionable steps towards mental health awareness, offering tools and resources to support their journey.

Distracted Development

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we work. The way we work has changed so much that the term ‘work’ is now obsolete. We are always ‘online’, always ‘connected’, always ‘available’. We are constantly bombarded with emails, Twitter notifications, Facebook messages, and Slack messages. As a result, we have become a generation of multitaskers.

The problem with multitasking is that it is simply not possible to do two things at once. When we try to multi-task, we are just switching our attention from one task to another very rapidly. This process of switching attention from one task to another uses up a lot of mental energy and can lead to mistakes being made.

Together will explore the phenomenon of "Distracted Development" or multitasking in multiple contexts. Delving into the impact of multitasking on delivery, quality, and productivity. Discuss suggested ways in which we can overcome the challenges posed by multitasking.

Flow: Friend or Foe

Have you ever been so focused on a task that your mind seems to not be concerned with anything else except what you’re doing? There is almost no time to even contemplate action, your energy seems to just flow.

Flow was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of the book “Flow — The Psychology of Optimal Experience” where in:

“people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life.”

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows however, quoting from the book of Flow again:

“a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it”

Between the lines of positivity there lurks a negative we need to be aware of :

 “will continue to do it even at great cost”.

The risk in flow is enjoying the feeling so much that we don’t want it to end..

The Real Reason Why Communication In Organizations Often Fails

The topic of communication is a complex one, and there are many factors that contribute to its success or failure in organizations. The underlying problem is that most organizations don’t understand the complexities tied to lines of communication. With 3 individuals their are only 3 possible lines of communication as people are added the communication exponentially becomes more complicated that with 10 people their are 45 possible lines of communication. Research shows the average prospect needs to hear a message seven times before they take action. Employees don’t need quite this same attention their number is probably closer to three to five times.

With all of these factors at play, it’s no wonder that communication in organizations often fails. In order to fix this problem, organizations need to start by understanding the complexities of communication and then put systems in place to ensure that messages are getting consistent, and transparent, with as many repetitions as necessary to make the message stick.

Grieving from Change

The process of grief is often associated with personal loss, but it can also occur in organizations when they experience change. When an organization goes through a change, it is not unusual for the employees to go through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
Each employee will deal with the change in their own way and at their own pace.

Chaos as a Catalyst

In the DC universe, the Joker is an enigmatic figure, embodying chaos, anarchy, and contradiction. His philosophy, though seemingly malevolent, can be ethically abstracted and applied to the business world. This approach can foster innovation, agility, adaptability, and even transformational leadership. Here's how:

Embracing Chaos for Creativity:

Chaos Theory in Business
By embracing unpredictability and uncertainty, organizations can foster a culture of creativity and innovation. The Joker's chaotic mindset encourages thinking outside the box, challenging norms, and breaking free from conventional constraints.

Agile Methodology Alignment: This aligns with Agile principles, promoting adaptability and responsiveness. It's about being prepared for change rather than following a rigid plan, much like the Joker's ever-changing strategies.

Anarchic Leadership for Empowerment

Decentralized Decision Making: An anarchic approach to leadership, inspired by the Joker's disdain for hierarchy, empowers team members to make decisions. This can lead to higher engagement, motivation, and a sense of ownership.

Servant Leadership: This concept resonates with your role, Josh, as a Strategic Servant Leader. It's about leaders serving their team, facilitating rather than dictating, and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.
Contradictory Thinking for Problem Solving

Divergent Thinking: The Joker's contradictory nature encourages embracing conflicting ideas and perspectives. This can lead to more comprehensive problem-solving and innovative solutions.

Synergy with Lean Processes:
By considering various angles and contradictions, businesses can eliminate waste and create more efficient processes, aligning with Lean principles.

Ethical Considerations

Responsible Chaos: While the Joker's philosophy can be applied, it must be done with ethical considerations in mind. Chaos should foster creativity, not destruction. Anarchy should empower, not disintegrate. Contradictions should inspire, not confuse.


The Joker's philosophy, though unconventional, offers a unique lens through which businesses can view innovation, leadership, and problem-solving. By ethically abstracting these principles, organizations can foster a culture of agility, adaptability, and creativity.

This approach aligns with modern business methodologies like Agile, Lean, and Servant Leadership. It encourages a break from traditional thinking, promoting a culture where innovation thrives.

In a world where change is constant, perhaps a touch of chaos, guided by ethical principles, is precisely what's needed to stay ahead in the game. The Joker's philosophy isn't just a comic book concept; it's a real-world strategy for business success.

This concept can be further explored in workshops, seminars, or keynote speeches, appealing to a wide audience ranging from business leaders, Agile practitioners, innovation enthusiasts, and anyone interested in a fresh perspective on organizational development. It's a blend of pop culture and professional insight that can resonate with a diverse audience.

In the DC universe the Joker's philosophy is a chaotic, anarchic, and often contradictory force. While it may seem an unlikely source of inspiration, this session will explore how certain aspects of the Joker's mindset can be ethically abstracted and applied in a business context to foster innovation, agility, and adaptability.

Cost of Now

"The Cost of Now: A Journey Through Short-Term Pleasure and Long-Term Pain"

In an era where the immediate is often irresistible, and the future seems a distant concern, we are frequently caught in the trap of short-term pleasure at the cost of long-term well-being. This presentation delves into the heart of our daily choices – from the allure of the late-night binge-watch to the seductive convenience of fast food, from corporate profit-driven decisions to environmental neglect. It is a narrative that resonates with the immediate joys and ensuing regrets that punctuate our lives.

We embark on a journey through psychological theories like present bias, exploring how our brains are wired to crave the now, often overshadowing the future. The talk weaves through personal anecdotes, historical events, and case studies from Kodak to climate change, painting a vivid picture of the widespread impact of our decisions. It is not just a tale of caution but also one of hope, offering strategies for reshaping our thinking, from individual mindfulness practices to educational reforms and policy changes.

This presentation is a call to action, a plea to consider the legacy of our choices. It aims to stir the audience, evoking a profound emotional response to the urgency of balancing immediate desires with long-term implications. The message is clear: the choices we make today shape not just our tomorrow, but the world we leave behind. It's a journey from the gratification of the present to the responsibility towards the future, urging us to ponder – is the cost of now worth the price of tomorrow?

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Josh Ether

TEDx Speaker | Strategic Servant Leader | Coach | Storyteller I Author | Consultant | Advisor I Teacher | Mentor I Guide | LinkedIn Top Facilitation Voice

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States


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