Josh Gillespie

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Josh Gillespie

Director, St. Louis/Denver Office

Josh is a repeat speaker at Dev Up (and STLDODN before that). He currently works with the best teams in the world and enjoys pushing them to be even better.

Josh Gillespie is the Director of the St. Louis/Denver office at Polaris Solutions, also affectionately known as Polaris West. Josh is an experienced developer, architect, certified Scrum Master, SAFe agilist and team lead. He is also a divemaster and avid scuba diver. He lives in the west county area of St. Louis with his wife, daughter, and an ornery dachshund.

Current sessions

Containers Demystified

Why are containers everywhere? Why are they called "containers"? Why should I care? How do I get started? Join me for an entertaining discussion of this and other questions!

Previously delivered at Silver Linings 2017
Tech: A/V is beneficial, not required

Past and future events

dev up Conference 2018

8 Oct - 10 Oct 2018
St. Louis, Missouri, United States