Judy Hersch

Business & Management

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Los Angeles, California, United States

Judy Hersch

Evolution Solutions, CEO

Judy Hersch, PMP, has 20 years of corporate training and leadership experience in optimizing global teams for top organizations in industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical, IT, and manufacturing. Her company, Evolution Solutions, understands the day-to-day challenges leaders and organizations face in achieving goals and objectives, driving innovation, and enabling organization and strategic alignment.

As a certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, Judy teaches a unique methodology of how to engage your brain to produce desired results and outcomes, and how to continue producing new levels of success in all areas of life – personally and professionally.

One of her greatest passions is transferring scientific concepts and knowledge in such a practical and relatable way that her audiences walk away with not only an entirely new perspective, but also real-world, easily implementable tools that can quickly change their lives for the better.