Julian Rasmussen

Julian Rasmussen

Microsoft Security MVP | Senior Consultant at Point Taken

Kristiansand, Norway

IT Pro working at Point Taken AS. My primary focus is Microsoft Security and IAM. I do migration projects, implementation of new services as well of supporting your organization with best practises within Information Security. I have more than 15 years experience in IT, ranging from support, operations, team management, project management and consulting serivces. I also do publick speaking and blogging.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Azure AD
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Microsof Teams
  • Microsoft (Azure) Identity
  • Microsoft (Azure) Management & Governance
  • Microsoft (Azure) Security
  • Microsoft (Azure) Virtual Desktop
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance
  • Microsoft 365 Defender

Guest user governance

Do you have controll over your guest accounts? Lets have a closer look on how we can cleanup our Azure AD! lot`s of demoing!

Your resources need policies!

To manage your infrastructure in Azure you need use policies! Policies will make Infrastructure administrators life sooooo much easier! In this session we will go through Azure Policies and 5 easy to implement policies that we will implement on stage!

Get started with Labels

I will in this demo rich session give you insight on where to start with labels in Microsoft 365! We will look at both Sensitivity and Retention labels within the new Unified experience

Why you should secure your tenant

Your environment is just as secure as you configure it to be! In this session we will og through several quick-fix sollution on how to secure your tenant, your users and most importantly your information. We will be looking into Azure AD, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online and talk about features like MFA, Encryption, Labels and much much more!

And yes, there will be a lot of demo`s! :)

Protect your company data

Modern workspace you say? Oh you should protect your data. in this session I will give you my best tips and tricks to protect your data with Microsoft 365 and show you how to enable the protection.

Sensitivty & Retention - do we need it?

Sensitivity and Retention policies, what to use when? How do we enable the labels? How do we search them? What`s the different between them and most importantly, how do we secure our data? In this session we will answere all these questions and other from the audience.

Be aware of demos! :)

Global Azure 2020 - Munich Sessionize Event

April 2020 Munich, Germany

Global Azure 2020 in Leipzig Sessionize Event

April 2020 Leipzig, Germany

SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2019 Sessionize Event

September 2019 Stockholm, Sweden

Julian Rasmussen

Microsoft Security MVP | Senior Consultant at Point Taken

Kristiansand, Norway

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