Julie Yack

Julie Yack

Julie Yack, author, trainer, globetrotter

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Julie Yack, author, trainer, globetrotter


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management
  • Travel & Tourism


  • Power Platform
  • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • Global Power platform Bootcamp
  • Power Platform - Low Code
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Workforce Development

There are no bad questions

Join us for a panel of experts who all remember what it was like starting out. Bring your questions and we'll have the answer, or find the answer.

Help me! I have no idea what I'm doing

This session takes us from idea to envisioning to planning solutions. You will gain experience in mapping business problems to business solutions.

Help me build my Fusion Team

The Power Platform has so many possibilities and that can be overwhelming. Where do you start? In this session we learn what is a Fusion Team, and the different responsibilities and roles of the members of a Fusion Team and how they can all support each other’s successes.

Dataverse : A foundation for Digital Transformation.

Building quality solutions to last are much like building a house. A proper foundation is critical to hold it all together, ensure longevity, and make future renovations. Dataverse is the foundation for building Power Platform solutions that are scalable and meant to last.

Join an interactive and open discussion on how to lay a strong Dataverse foundation, avoid costly mistakes, and to share past experiences.

Going from Citizen Developer to Professional App Maker

Making Power Apps is fun and easy. And now instead of going back to your "old job" you want to go pro. In this session we'll talk through concepts and resources to help you go pro.

The beginner's guide to the Power Platform

It may seem overwhelming and ever-changing, but let's get started at the kiddie side of the pool. In this session we'll cover the moving parts, the different products and how they are supposed to work together as a platform.

Model-driven what?

Join us in this session for a tour of model-driven Power Apps. See the OOB features and customization options and how to use model-driven apps to build responsive and robust apps.

Let's build Power Apps live using only Copilot

Power Platform Copilot can help you build new apps and automation. Let's use only copilot and build an app together live. And we will do it without a net.

Power Platform AMA

Join our experts who welcome all your Power Platform questions.

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Julie Yack

Julie Yack, author, trainer, globetrotter

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States