Julie Turner

Julie Turner

Partner/CTO Sympraxis Consulting, MVP

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Julie has been building software on primarily the Microsoft platform for over 20 years. With a degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in microprocessor system design from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, she came at software initially from a very low level but quickly realized her love and aptitude for developing rich user experiences and solutions. She worked her way up through internal IT ranks reaching a Director of IT position before realizing more impact could be made in consulting and really focused on the SharePoint platform in 2007. Since then her focus has been on the SharePoint platform, Office 365, Azure, and client-side development. She's the co-author of the Widget Wrangler JavaScript library and continues to try and help innovate SharePoint and Office 365 solutions for her clients. She also has been a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award for Office Apps and Services since 2017 and is a Microsoft 365 PnP team member.

Extending Microsoft 365: Exploring the Art of the Possible

Ever felt like the world of Microsoft 365 is a maze? You’re not alone! In this session, we’ll take a journey together through real-life examples where we’ve turned the complexity of Microsoft 365 into simple, automated solutions.

We’ll start from the basics, exploring out-of-the-box and low-code options, and gradually move towards creating custom self-hosted solutions. Extending Microsoft 365 is not limited to just creating web parts and by the end of this session, you’ll be inspired to see how you can make Microsoft 365 work for you in ways you’ve never imagined before. So, whether you’re a beginner or have some experience under your belt, join us as we unravel the exciting possibilities of extending Microsoft 365!

Level up workflow with Webhooks

Mature organizations that use Microsoft 365 often need to run custom workflows when events happen in Microsoft 365, like updating list items, adding users, updating groups, or changing files. When there's only a single list or library, or other single event items, it can make sense to use a tool like Power Automate or an Azure Logic Apps. However, these tools require connecting a workflow to a specific entity (list, library, drive) making these solutions difficult to manage when there are many of the same types of items to monitor. Enter stage left: Webhooks.

To be clear, webhooks are not a power user tool; they require the ability to architect and manage cloud resources and write enterprise level code. But the benefits and scalability make it well worth the time investment! In this session you'll learn about:
• What webhooks are and what are some of the common use cases they can help solve
• What common architectural pattern for managing your subscriptions and events looks like
• What cloud services are commonly used to support the common architecture
• What boilerplate code looks like to establish and manage subscriptions and react to event notifications
• Where and how you might implement custom handlers for establishing what subscriptions are needed and what happens when an event is fired.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to manage workflows at scale to reduce risk and simplify management!

Design + Development: A Case Study

When designers and developers meet each other where they're at, wonderful things can happen. This session will focus on sharing the design and development workflow that we've evolved and refined over the past four plus years of collaboration. Starting from requirements we'll move though our process of architecture, design, style development (html + css), through development (Type/Java Script) to QA, and finally release.

Build Solutions for Microsoft 365 with a Fluent API Library

For the most part, your imagination is the limit when it comes to extending the Microsoft 365 platform. Join me for a complete look at the PnPjs library, a collection of fluent libraries for consuming SharePoint and Microsoft Graph REST APIs that make building solutions 10x easier and faster. This free, open-source initiative, part of the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community can be used within the SharePoint Framework, NodeJS, or any JavaScript/TypeScript based project.

This session will cover using the library within the SharePoint Framework and Azure Functions NodeJS project. We'll cover:
• How to get started, your project template, and establishing context
• An overview of all the packages available and outline the ease of use
• More advanced scenarios like batching and cross site execution.

An Introduction to Atomic React Component Design in SPFx and Beyond

When programming with ReactJS, which is a common choice when developing using the SharePoint Framework, how you architect your components can often be confusing. This introductory session will walk through designing your components to mirror a common design principle called "Atomic Design" which was invented by web designer Brad Frost. This design pattern breaks web design into small chunks that when combined build beautiful solutions with reusability at its core. We'll go into how to translate that design principle into component development which can help reduce code size, improve reliability and quality, and just make your life easier. As part of our examples, we'll be leveraging the HTWOO community built Fluent UI framework.

Building reusable code libraries for extending Microsoft 365

The SharePoint framework introduced 'libraries' as a project type, and although useful for very small development projects not ideal for bigger enterprise solutions and ALM strategies. This session is going to cover end to end building a library with standard web-based building blocks, using Azure Dev Ops to create a private code artifact, and then consuming that library and others together within a SharePoint framework solution while hosting the artifacts in an Azure CDN (or bundling it in if that's more appropriate). This is powerful reusability that allow you to manage the lifecycle of different components in a way that mimics all the other packages you might consume when building your solution.

SPFest Chicago 2021 Sessionize Event

July 2021 Chicago, Illinois, United States

June Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference Sessionize Event

June 2021 Orlando, Florida, United States

Julie Turner

Partner/CTO Sympraxis Consulting, MVP

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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