Jurgen Allewijn

Jurgen Allewijn

Cloud Architect @ Luminis

Jurgen is an experienced and enthusiastic IT architect at Luminis. In the last 20+ years he has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in IT. He likes to operate on the intersection of IT and the business, where his added value lies in translating the requirements of the business in technical solutions. He has a positive critical attitude during the process to achieve the most optimal result for each customer. Jurgen values the importance of knowledge sharing. He puts into practice by sharing his knowledge through the giving of training courses and workshops and organizing meetups.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • Cloud Containers and Infrastructure

AKS unlighted, but what about Security and Multi-tenancy?

Jurgen and Dinant are going to tell how they have overcome the challenges in setting up Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in such a way that it is secure, multi-tenant and compliant with the local government regulations (SCF, SMCF, DPIA, NORA and BIO).

Like many companies, the City of Amsterdam is adopting Container Technology as part of their Cloud Roadmap Strategy. The goal is to empower the workload teams with the latest technology and the DevOps way of working. On the Cloud Journey, the Cloud-Ops and Workload teams concluded that it isn’t just enabling “AKS”. It also requires a lot of management and Kubernetes knowledge, which is currently not present by most of the workload teams.

The decision was made to create a Shared-AKS (DTAP) offering for all the workload teams within the City of Amsterdam, which led to cost savings and central management. To achieve this goal, the choice of multi-tenancy was born. New challenges arose concerning the security and compliance regulations. One of the biggest challenges was segmentation of applications, which is by default not in nature of Kubernetes.

Dataplatform at the gemeente Amsterdam

Jurgen tells us about the choices made and the technical and organizational challenges encountered. He also tells u show the future looks like for Gemeente Amsterdam regarding data on Azure. Technologies like Data Contracts, Databricks, Datalakehouse and Data Mesh will be discussed.

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AKS unlighted, but what about Compliancy, cost and Multi-tenancy?

June 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Workshop: Kubernetes 201 by Luminis
AKS unlighted, but what about Security and Multi-tenancy?

February 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Azure journey of Gemeente Amsterdam

The data platform of the city of Amsterdam

February 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands


Virtual event

December 2022

Jurgen Allewijn

Cloud Architect @ Luminis