Jussi Mori

Jussi Mori

Partner, Experts Inside GmbH

Jussi is passionate about how to make User Adoption better in the age of digitalisation. As a product Evangelist at Cloudriven GmbH, Jussi always tries to look beyond the borders of the box and try to find solutions for problems happening in the business-world on a daily base. Jussi is main organizer of SharePoint Saturdays Helsinki and Zurich and also the main lead of the Microsoft 365 User Group in Zurich Switzerland.

Current sessions

The fifty shades of user adption

Driving user adoption for the Microsoft productivity and collaboration stack is a tough job. Unfortunately Emd-Users are still very frustrated or even scared when working with Office 365 products and services. In this session I want to go behind the reason of this frustration and how the frustration can be turned into enthusiasm to boost motivation to learn new tools and processes. This session focuses mainly on real-world examples and best practices how to turn frustrated users into happy End-Users.

Past and future events

SharePoint Saturday London 2019

31 May 2019
London, England, United Kingdom