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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Justin Recla

Former Counterintelligence Agent & COO of The Recla Group

Justin Recla has over 14 years of experience as a Counterintelligence Special Agent and Army soldier. He’s a subject matter expert in tactical questioning, counter espionage, threat assessments, and investigative techniques. Justin brings his skills from the military sector and delivers them to the boardroom to help business owners and investors protect their two most valuable assets: Time & Money.

Current sessions

The Dark Side of Blockchain

While everything Blockchain is amazing and moving society towards the future, there is a shadow element at play that could derail all of it. In this 45 minute Keynote, Justin calls out the elephant in the room and provides a starting point for overcoming the obstacles to mass adoption for all things Blockchain.

In this talk, Justin explores the security concerns blockchain companies face and examines the energies that have created a target rich environment for fraud and scams. The Dark Side of Blockchain also provides solutions the industry can implement to overcome the uphill battle of re-establishing and creating trust that will lead to mass adoption