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Palo Alto, California, United States

Justin Ranton

Product Design Lead, AliveCor

Justin is passionate about leading teams to accessible, inclusive, and diverse products in a humane way. He has a proven track-record of changing culture to scale digital transformation with a focus on user-centricity through facilitation and his thoughtful approach to educating cross-functional teams. He is a versatile Product Designer and Strategist with experience in enterprise and consumer application design, corporate marketing, emerging technology, and innovation settings. Primarily concerned with creative problem solving, by way of evidence-based, user-centered design.

Current sessions

Measuring the Quality of UX

Modern businesses rely heavily on data. But, what data quantifies your users’ experiences?

If you want your product’s design to be informed by large-scale data, it really helps to have metrics that reflect the quality of the user experience, and that map closely to your main goals.

In this workshop / talk we will walk through:

- Scoring the quality of your users' experience
- Creating a framework for identifying user goals
- Identifying signals that map closely to goals
- Finding revenue driving metrics that measure the quality of
your users' experience
- Measuring your own products
- Creating and using quality rubrics
- How to use the data to advocate for HCD practices
- Q&A

Look forward to seeing you there.

Past and future events

ProductCamp 2018

ProductCamp is a free, non-profit, user-driven, collaborative and professional “unconference” for anyone who builds, designs, markets or manages a product or service. It is a production of the St. Louis Product Management Group and St. Louis Makes and is generally held in February or March. ProductCamp St. Louis 2019 was our 8th annual event.
3 Mar 2018
St. Louis, Missouri, United States