Karl Cooke

Information & Communications Technology

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Karl Cooke

Azure MVP and Azure Architect at Intercept BV., Blogger at https://irishtechie.cloud.

Karl is a Microsoft MVP for Azure and works as an Azure Architect for Intercept B.V.. He is a husband and father of 4 wonderful children living in Northern Ireland. He is passionate about all things Azure, particularly Cloud-Native technologies, and enjoys learning new things. When not working, studying for an exam, blogging, or learning something new, Karl can be found watching Star Trek or spending time with his family.

Current sessions

Protect your Web App in Azure using end-to-end TLS inspection

In this session we will discuss how to protect your Web Application with end-to-end TLS inspection.

We will talk about the use case as well as the why and the how of using Application Gateway and Azure Firewall to achieve this protection and explore any gotchas around certificates, monitoring, logging, and general operation.

Depending on the format, we can review an architecture diagram to understand traffic flows, take a tour of the configuration in the Azure Portal, and demonstrate inbound and outbound TLS inspection.