Karuppiah Natarajan

Karuppiah Natarajan

Application Developer, ThoughtWorks

I'm Karuppiah. I'm an Application Developer. Recently I have been predominantly working in the infra space and developer tools. I love creating cool command line tools and making the lives of developers easier and better, with no headaches. I also love to contribute to open source - by creating my own projects and also contributing to existing projects. All my projects are on GitHub - https://github.com/karuppiah7890 . The recent biggest contribution that I am extremely proud of is - contributing to Helm.

Current sessions

Contributing To Helm

If you are deploying to Kubernetes, you would have most
probably heard of Helm, The Package Manager for Kubernetes.
It's an Open Source tool. It helps you to easily deploy and manage applications on Kubernetes. Recently Helm released
it's latest version - v3. It's all exciting for all the
users, until they want more features, or face issues and
want them fixed as soon as possible. And to build these
features and to fix the bugs, we need open source

In this talk, we will be seeing how I started
contributing to Helm in a lot of different ways,
which will show you how you can contribute to Helm too. I'll also share the experiences I had while contributing and
And we'll also see the why behind contributing and
some of my learnings. If you are interested in
contributing to Helm or to Open Source in general,
then this is a talk for you!

You can see my commits for Helm v3 here -
https://github.com/helm/helm/commits?author=karuppiah7890 and Helm v2 here -
https://github.com/helm/helm/commits/dev-v2?author=karuppiah7890 .

Slides from previous talks on this topic: