Kaslin Fields

Information & Communications Technology

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Seattle, Washington, United States

Kaslin Fields

Google Developer Advocate

Kaslin Fields is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, a Container enthusiast and creator of tech comics. She uses her knowledge of DevOps technologies and methodologies to help others as they enter the Cloud Native world. By creating comics about DevOps tech, she hopes to make learning Cloud Native fun and accessible to everyone!

Current sessions

Welcome to CloudLand: Intro to Cloud Native & the CNCF

The Cloud has become a standard part of life for modern businesses. And with it, has come the concept of “Cloud Native.” But what does “Cloud Native” mean? How does it relate to “DevOps” & Ops? And what technologies fit into the “Cloud Native” category? In this talk, you will take a fun comic-driven journey through the Cloud Native technology landscape. In addition to learning about core types of Cloud Native technologies, you will see examples of popular Open Source projects that fill important roles in DevOps environments - such as Kubernetes, Terraform, and more.

An Illustrated Intro to Containers

Companies the world over are racing to make their businesses “Cloud Native” by undergoing “DevOps Transformations.” At the core of these transformations, you’ll find engineering discussions dominated by talk of containers and Kubernetes. Understanding what containers are and how to integrate them into the way a company does business, is the challenge engineers are being posed with.
This talk is here to give you the knowledge and tools to begin your journey with Linux containers. Through fun hand-drawn illustrations and analogies, you’ll learn the key benefits of using containers, and about the technologies that make them work. Then you’ll start to learn how containers work and how to use them through live demonstrations.

A Geek's Guide To DevOps Cultural Transformations

Together, we will explore neuroscience to help reveal techniques to improve your own collaboration skills. By combining this research with examples of real-life use cases/situations (in comic form!), you'll walk away with a concrete understanding of how you can further your career while helping your company nail this "DevOps" thing! Adopting a DevOps culture means bringing the technical groups within your organization closer together. Developers learning from Operations folks, and vice versa. This means that the people that make up those technical teams will need to grow more comfortable interacting and sharing knowledge with each other. So how does your average tech worker learn to thrive in this new collaboration-heavy environment? What individual skills can help workers lead the transition to a successful and thriving DevOps culture? Well, in true geek form, we'll find the answers through science!