Kathi Kellenberger

Kathi Kellenberger

Customer Success Engineer at Redgate

Edwardsville, Illinois, United States

Kathi Kellenberger is a Customer Success Engineer at Redgate and a Data Platform MVP. She has worked with SQL Server since 1998 and has authored, co-authored, or tech reviewed over twenty technical books. Kathi is a volunteer at LaunchCode in St. Louis where she teaches T-SQL in the LaunchCode Women + program. When Kathi isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cycling, singing, and climbing the stairs of tall buildings.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • SQL Server Report Server
  • SQL Server DBA
  • Microsoft SQL Server

T-SQL Window Functions

T-SQL windowing functions can simplify many complex queries. They are the best thing that has happened to the T-SQL language in years, but many database professionals and developers haven’t heard about them.
They were initially introduced with SQL Server 2005. In 2012, Microsoft added several new functions that let you do things like pull values from different rows without a performance penalty.
Attend this session to learn how T-SQL windowing functions apply to many real world examples.

Querying SQL Server for Beginners

New to SQL Server but curious how to get started with queries? Attend this session to learn the basics. You'll learn how to return data from a table, and then filter and order the results.

Modern T-SQL for Better Performance

Once you learn how to write queries, it’s easy to fall back on the same old patterns. You need to get the job done, and using old techniques is often quicker than learning something new. Over the past decade, Microsoft has released several versions of SQL Server with T-SQL enhancements, and many of these enhancements not only let you write queries easier, the queries also run faster.

Join this session to learn how this “new” T-SQL functionality can save you time when writing queries that also perform great.

Introduction to T-SQL

Are you new to querying databases? Be sure to join this session to learn how to select, sort and filter data from SQL Server. Skills learned will apply to other database systems such as Oracle or MySQL.

Getting Started with Extended Events

Over the years, many DBAs have avoided using Extended Events and continued using Trace. At first, this made sense because Extended Events had no user interface and you had to know XML to work with it. Eventually, Microsoft added a GUI, but many folks continued to use familiar tools. In this session learn how to transition from Trace to Extended Events. You’ll find that it’s easy when you take the right approach.

T-SQL Window Function Performance

Window functions are the best thing added to T-SQL in decades. They perform great -- until they don't! Attend this session to learn how to get the best performance from window functions including the latest updates with SQL Server 2019

Intelligent Query Processing

There are many anti-patterns that SQL Server consultants find during query tuning
engagements. This is especially true at shops where developers use techniques that make
sense in procedural code to write T-SQL. Microsoft has made many advancements in the optimizer over the past few versions that overcome some of the issues with some of these techniques like table variables and user defined functions. Attend this session to learn about these enhancements, when they will and when they won’t help performance without making code changes.

Build your brand with technical writing

Have you considered writing a blog, article, or even a book but didn’t know how to get started? Have you wondered if writing is worth the time and effort?
Being a technical writer can help you build you brand and get noticed. It might lead to that next job opportunity or help you get consulting clients. Not only that, people from around the world can learn from what you write – you will be making a difference!
Attend this session to learn about the publishing process, and how writing can propel your career.

What is DevOps and why should DBAs care?

You may have heard the term “DevOps” a lot lately, but is this just one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around and means something different depending on who’s talking? While traditional software methodologies pit developers and operations folks like DBAs against each other, DevOps requires that they work together for a common goal. And, ultimately, shouldn’t the software project’s success be everyone’s goal? Attend this session to learn how DevOps is changing the DBAs world for the better.

Kathi Kellenberger

Customer Success Engineer at Redgate

Edwardsville, Illinois, United States