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Keith Atherton

Keith Atherton

Microsoft MVP | MCT | 12x Microsoft Certified | Power Platform Solution Architect | Power Apps Super User | LinkedIn Learning Instructor | International speaker | Blogger

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Microsoft MVP for Business Applications, published LinkedIn Learning instructor, Power Platform Community Super User, public speaker, On Air in the Cloud podcast host, blogger, and mentor.

Versatile Microsoft certified solution architect with over 20 years' international experience of leading and developing software solutions in permanent and contract roles for sectors including finance, legal, construction, game development, retail, healthcare, travel, and charity.

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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • power bi

Going from Zero to Hero with Power Platform

If you're wondering how to get started with Power Platform or where to take your Power Platform career next, you're in luck: Power Platform has a huge number of options available including copilots!

In this session, we will look at amazing opportunities for non-technical and technical people alike.

Join us to explore topics such as the Power Platform features available and how they can help an organisation, learning materials to improve your knowledge with Power Platform and push your learning forward, the user experience, professional certifications, and much more.

How to be awesome at getting your next job

Finding your Dream Job (or something close to it) can be hard work. There are many things to consider such as deciding on your next role, writing your CV, and making a good first impression at the interview, and handling tough interview questions.

In this session, we will share some of the tips and techniques we have used to get roles over our careers.
You will get some insider tips on how to deal with those difficult interview questions.
How to prepare for an interview.
How to work with recruitment agents.
Ways to get your name to the top of the recruiter's list.

When you leave this session you have techniques and tips you can use as soon as you leave the session to help you in your search for that role you want.

Frankenstein's Architecture: Combining Power Platform and Azure

Power Platform and Azure can be combined to use the advantages that both have to offer.

In this session, we'll look into several use cases where both platforms can be combined, which features are available, and drill into a specific solution.

Bet the House on using the Power Platform: Professional Developer Features

Are you a professional developer wondering if the low-code Power Platform is too basic or limited when compared with building solutions from the ground up using traditional professional code-first development tech stacks? Then prepare to be surprised!

In this session, you'll hear from a professional developer with over 20 years' experience who transitioned to becoming a Power Platform Solution Architect in recent years - but who still utilises their professional developer skills in combination with all aspects of the low-code Power Platform.

You'll leave this session with knowledge on how much technical depth the Power Platform can offer in terms of the tools and languages available, the ability for rapid application development, how to extend the Power Platform using tradition professional code-first tech stacks, and much more.

Becoming a Certified Power Platform Legend: The Workshop

Ever wished you could master the Power Platform, but didn't know where to start? Wanted to have some certifications to validate your skills and boost your career? Well, wish granted!

Spend the day with two relative cool cats, aka Microsoft Business Applications MVPs, that are set to take you on a journey of interactive learning, specifically crafted for those new to the Power Platform and the Certification Exams. From understanding the foundations to simplifying some of the complexities, we're going to have you prepped and ready to take on the PL-900 Certification Exam and the Power Platform Assessment Exams.

There are no hard and fast rules for becoming a legend, but there's also no reason not to try! Join us to take a peek into the tool bag of legends that we've curated, to start building your very own.

“You’re Dead to Us!”: Navigating Your Career

Life is hard enough; success in your career is even more challenging. But, unfortunately, few people tell you how to be successful. In this session, we want to share the lessons learned from hard-won experiences. So you will not make the same mistakes we have. Having a successfully career is bit like adulting, no one teaches you these skill at school

What will we talk about?
* Dealing with impostor syndrome
* Signs that you should find another job
* When is it right to leave a job?
* What can you do for the community
* Taking to customers.
* Being part of team.

What will they leave with at the end of the session? We show the mistakes we have made, so you do do not make the same ones. Also we will share the hints and tips that we have used to create successfully careers.

The Powerful Multitool: Power Platform and Microsoft Graph

Looking for a powerful productivity multitool that fits in your back pocket?

Join us as we demonstrate using Microsoft Graph API, connectors, and Data Connect to power and extend Microsoft 365 experiences while working together to build unique, intelligent applications within Power Platform.

Supercharging Community Engagement: Insights from Power Platform Forum Super Users

Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring three seasoned Power Platform Forum Super Users. These community champions have been instrumental in providing accurate, helpful, and responsive support to fellow users. In this session, they’ll share their experiences, best practices, and strategies for thriving in the Power Platform community.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to become a super user and elevate your community engagement. Bring your questions, ideas, and enthusiasm—we’re here to empower you! 🚀

No Code. Low Code? Whoa, Code?!?

The Power Platform is often celebrated as a beacon of no-code solutions, simplifying complex business processes. However, the journey through the Power Platform can often lead to unexpected encounters with code. This session explores this evolution from no-code to low-code and beyond.

Mastering the Art of Solution Selection: Crafting Power Platform Solutions

Solving business problems and finding solutions to a variety of business requirements can be such a great and rewarding process. However, Power Platform offers a variety of different approaches and strategies to apply to deliver a specific requirement.

As a result, sometimes we might face a dilemma of what solution will be the best to achieve the desired outcome.

Sometimes there are several functional consultant and technical architect options available, each offering their own benefits and challenges.

If that sounds familiar to you, then join us for a session where we will be addressing those problems.

At the session we will cover:

- Top things to consider when choosing the right solution,
- Different business requirements and how they can be delivered using functional and technical approaches,
- Pros and cons for choosing each solution.

At the end of session, you will become equipped with knowledge of the variety of important aspects that need careful consideration when designing solutions.

Additionally, the examples we will cover will help you to understand the potential options you might have to deliver a requirement, and which one to choose and why.

Top 10 Power Fx Functions to Master as a Beginner

Join us in this demo-driven session as we dive deep into the world of Power Fx, Microsoft's low-code programming language for building custom business applications.

This session will highlight 10 Power Fx functions which will supercharge your app development with Power Fx. The session will be run from a canvas app .msapp file which will be shared afterwards.

The session will cover:
- Power Fx standards and best practises
- Demos of real-life use cases for Power Fx functions
- Effective error handling

AI in the Power Platform: Rise of the Copilots

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the Power Platform is coming! But will it take your job or make your job easier?

Keeping up to date with the latest changes in this fast-changing field is vital for developing effective Power Platform solutions and giving you and your organisation a competitive edge.

In this session, we'll demonstrate various AI and copilot features in the Power Platform for makers as well as users of services such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Copilot Studio.

Full Power! Power App Optimisation

User experience (UX) can make or break adoption of a solution, and a large part of that experience can be the performance of your app.

In this session, we'll demonstrate various ways to optimise Power Apps to get optimal performance to improve that experience. We will cover:

- Concurrency
- Benefits of different data sources
- Optimising data retrieval
- Delegating data retrieval to the data source instead of in the client app
- Performance monitoring
- Gathering app analytics

You'll leave this session with knowledge on how to make your apps perform as fast as possible, happier customers, and less support tickets!

Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse

Want to know what the Dataverse is and how to get started with it?

This session will cover:

- What the Dataverse is and where it fits in the Power Platform ecosystem
- Native low-code features such as relational data tables and elastic tables
- How to extend the Dataverse using low-code features such as low-code plug-ins
- How to extend the Dataverse using pro-code features such as C# plug-ins
- The rich security model which can implement security roles and hierarchies
- Performance considerations when selecting the Dataverse over other data sources

You will come away from this session with a wealth of knowledge on how to get the most out of Dataverse for your Power Platform solutions!

How to Prepare for Microsoft Certifications

Are you interested in what Microsoft Certifications are or which one to take next?

In this session, we'll look into:

- What Microsoft Certifications are and how they can benefit your career
- Learning resources
- How to book exams, take renewals, and what to expect
- Where to find discounts
- Study tips

This session will give you knowledge into how Microsoft Certifications can impact your skills and career and take them to new levels!

With Great Power (Apps) Comes Great Reusability

Your time is precious! Luckily, there are many ways we can reuse UI components and code to work more efficiently and avoid duplication of effort when creating Power Apps.

In this session, we'll look into reusability by using awesome low-code features including components, component libraries, named formulas, and low-code plug-ins, as well as code-first features including client side scripting and plug-ins.

Don't worry, this won't be a dry technical session... er, actually, it will be a DRY (don't repeat yourself) technical session.

Introduction to Power Apps and Power Apps Copilot

Ever wondered what Power Apps are and why you might want to try them instead of building a code-first app?

In this session we will cover:

- What Power Apps are and how they can be made available via PC and mobile
- Benefits of Power App development, including rapid application development
- How to manage Power App security and share them with Azure Entra groups
- How to integrate Power Apps into Power BI
- How Power Apps can offer advanced controls such as Power BI reports and copilots to end users

We'll also demonstrate the Power Apps Copilot which enables creation of apps and data within minutes!

After this session, you will have the skills and knowledge on where Power Apps can fit within your business and the competitive edge they can provide!

JACKPOT! Using the Power Platform to Manage a Casino

Are you new to the Power Platform and want to know how it can help your organisation?

In this session, we'll look at how the Power Platform can be used to manage a hypothetical business: The Contoso Grand Casino!

We will cover the following Power Platform features and their benefits in plain language:

- Power BI
- Power Apps
- Power Automate
- Power Pages
- Copilot Studio

You will leave this session with knowledge on how to use the Power Platform to quickly and easily create websites, apps, databases, automation and so much more to give your organisation a competitive edge!

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Keith Atherton

Microsoft MVP | MCT | 12x Microsoft Certified | Power Platform Solution Architect | Power Apps Super User | LinkedIn Learning Instructor | International speaker | Blogger

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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