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Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Kendall Miller

Gibraltar Software

Kendall Miller is the CEO of Gibraltar Software, the developers of Loupe, VistaDB and Visual ReCode for .NET and Java developers. As a software engineer now running an international company, Kendall focuses on system scalability, usability and user experience.

Before starting Gibraltar Software, Kendall worked for multiple startups leading their technology development from beginning through profitability. In each case he's focused on translating enterprise-level performance and capabilities down to smaller companies.

Kendall has a B.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Current sessions

How not to be the best app no one uses: Effective Onboarding for fun & profit

You've made a brilliant application - perhaps a new startup or a new major initiative within your enterprise. For it to be successful you need to get people from interested to effective before they lose interest.

Without effective onboarding built into your app users will not stick with it long enough to discover the great features you've built.

In this talk we'll dig into what it takes to design and optimize an effective onboarding process and equip you with a strategy for making incremental investments that can be fit into your development project.

Megahertz, Gigahertz, Registers and Instructions: How does a CPU actually work?

For decades, we’ve been creating ever higher abstractions between ourselves and the computing hardware we’re programming, but in the end whether you’re writing JavaScript, Haskell, or Python it all comes down to 1’s and 0’s running through hardware patterns that were well understood twenty years ago.

We’ll walk through the fundamentals of how CPU’s “think” in an accessible way (no engineering degree required!) so you can appreciate the marvel that is the modern CPU be it in a server data center or your fridge at home. You’ll learn how a CPU turns the code we feed it into actions, what’s the big difference between an ARM and an Intel processor, how CPU’s constantly optimize work for us, and where is it all going for the next few years.

Finally, we'll show how Meltdown and Spectre take advantage of CPU internals to expose data and why this class of security problems are going to be a challenge to the next generation of CPU's.

To The Cloud! How We Moved our SaaS to Azure (and it made us better!)

Two years ago, we had to make a decision whether to double down with new hardware in our Colo or go another way to grow our SaaS. We moved into Azure and haven't looked back.
In this talk we'll walk through the challenges we've faced moving from our own hardware to Azure including:

• Taking advantage of auto-scaling to reduce costs.
• Growing 100x without controlling the hardware.
• When it all goes wrong and Azure falls over.
• How Azure has improved the performance of our on-premises installs too

Far from a theoretical conversation about how you could use the cloud, we'll share real data from our production implementation, both the good and the bad. Finally, we'll talk about where we're going with what we've learned.

Fly the Enterprise: Applying Aviation Lessons to DevOps Teams

Commercial Aviation is an amazingly safe mode of transportation with around 50,000 flights each day moving 3 million passengers in the US alone. This modern marvel works through layers of procedures carefully honed over decades of experience. Each time something goes wrong in aviation it is carefully dissected for anything it can teach the industry about performing better, safer, and more reliably.

Many of the hard-won lessons from aviation can be leveraged to build a DevOps team that can routinely take on serious challenges and land the plane every time. In this talk we’ll cover several key concepts from aviation operations, the interesting stories behind them, and how to apply them within your organization.

Past and future events

KCDC 2019

17 Jul 2019 - 19 Jul 2019
Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Northern VA CodeCamp Spring 2019

18 May 2019
Reston, Virginia, United States

NDC Minnesota 2019

6 May 2019 - 9 May 2019
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

NDC London 2019

28 Jan 2019 - 1 Feb 2019
London, England, United Kingdom

CodeMash 2019

7 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019
Sandusky, Ohio, United States

RevolutionConf 2018

17 May 2018 - 18 May 2018
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

philly.NET Code Camp 2018.1

23 Mar 2018 - 24 Mar 2018
Malvern, Arkansas, United States