Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


Kevin is a Microsoft MVP and a technology enthusiast. He runs 2 user groups in the north, dotnet York and dotnetsheff, and casually speaks at user groups. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping in the community, likewise, he is keen to contribute to open source projects. He has worked across a broad range of domains including; logistics, law, travel, finance and analytics.

Current sessions

Everything You Need to Know About Configuration in .NET

We will delve into the intricate details of the new ways to configure .Net applications with ease and flexibility in mind.

We’ll take a look at why we need configuration in our application and the types of things that should be configurable. We will then dive into the great developer story that Microsoft has built for .NET to allow us to provide configuration at easily apply configuration in our applications. Starting with the minimal approach, we will explore scenarios where our configuration practices will take advantage of type safety focusing on the IOptions pattern. There are also lots of other scenarios that we’ll cover that you most likely have never touched such as user secrets and validation!

MongoDB vs SQL Server

Project Manager - “So team, what technologies are we going to use to write this great new music tracking application?”

Dev 1 - “blazor + .net core for the frontend, and SQL Server for the database”
Dev 2 - “SQL Server! – It’s 2020 we should be using MongoDB”

In this talk, we hope to end this debate once and for all. David and Kev will go head to head showing the advantages (and disadvantages) of their preferred database technology

Feature Management in .NET Core

Ever heared of a feature toggle? ...or maybe you call it a feature switch, feature flag, feature flipper or conditional feature 🤷?

We'll take a look at what feature toggling is and the diffrent types of feature toggling we can apply in our .NET Core applications.

A more flexible way to store your data with MongoDB

If you've been anywhere near software development, the norm is to store your data in a relational form, but what if there was a different way?

We will take a look at the history of MongoDB and why it continues to be a trending database year on year. We will then go into the advantages of having a flexible document model and how we can utilize MongoDB for our application storage.

Past and future events

DDD 2020

12 Dec 2020

DDD North 2020!

29 Feb 2020