Kirill Müller

Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

Kirill Müller

Clean code, tidy data. Consulting for cynkra, coding in the open.

Diploma CompSci KIT, Dr. Sc. ETH (where my passion for R started), co-founded cynkra with Christoph Sax in early 2018.

Current sessions

DBI: Recent developments in R's database interface

During the last two years, I was part of the "Improving DBI" and “Establishing DBI” projects, funded by the R Consortium. The projects included the completion of three database backends, RSQLite, RPostgres and RMariaDB, quite a few interface extensions, and a machine- and human-readable interface specification.

I'll present new features, talk about changes under the hood, and discuss interesting applications such as data manipulation and model prediction on the database.