Konstantin Konstantinopolskiy

Konstantin Konstantinopolskiy

DRIVE2.RU, Project Manager

Konstantin Konstantinopolskiy, 26 years old.
Designer with 10+ years of experience and self-directed project manager with a background in design systems.

My role at DRIVE2 is to help create products and innovate for the design system. I'm always looking for new ways to solve problems, save time, and organize teams. These challenges are rewarding not only in terms of the companies output, but also on a level of satisfaction with the way our team functions and the company culture improves.

I love my role because it gives me the possibility to create something meaningful, but also I have the scope within the company to be able to choose which problems I want to solve.
I am largely given free reign by the CEO to work on projects that I see as valuable to company development.

Pet projects:
— Teaching project management at the Moscow Economic University.
— Advising in the startup space Intuition Park (https://intuition.team/park).
— Working as CEO in Fuckgrechka (fuckgrechka.ru/tzlvt).