Konstantinos Passadis

Konstantinos Passadis

solutions architect - Microsoft Azure MVP

Athens, Greece


I have been an IT professional since 1997-98, starting my career as an IT Technician. My fascination with IT began at a young age, and I immersed myself in it from the start. My interests lay in Systems, Networking, and Voice, giving me a comprehensive view of IT technologies. Currently, I am focused on Cloud services, primarily Microsoft Azure and M365, along with AWS, Oracle OCI, and GCP. As a Solutions Architect for Enterprise Cloud Technologies, I hold multiple certifications from various vendors, but I am committed to continuous learning and constantly reassessing my expertise and skills.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure AD
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure IaaS
  • Azure Data & AI
  • Cloud Security Architecture
  • Cloud Containers and Infrastructure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Microsoft Intune

Azure OpenAI: Creating Prompt Flows with Azure AI Studio Machine Learning

An end to end demonstration of how to build and configure our Prompt Flows, using our own Data. We are going to explore the use of Azure AI Studio and Machine Learning workspace and the required resources that will help us create our QnA on our Data Prompt Flow and optimize it based on our needs

Terraform: Randomness as a Service

This informative session delves into the diverse methods of incorporating randomness in Terraform coding, focusing on Azure as the cloud provider. It will comprehensively explore Terraform's various randomness resources, such as random_id, random_string, and others, demonstrating their application in creating uniquely named resources. This is crucial for adhering to unique naming conventions in cloud infrastructure. Participants will gain practical insights and strategies to effectively implement randomness, enhancing their cloud deployment skills and addressing the challenges of resource naming in complex cloud environments.

Azure Container Apps, APIs & Redis Cache for ChatGPT Completions

Build a Container App Full Stack Web App utilizing Redis Cache for ChatGPT responses. We will see how we can build Docker Images directly to Container Registry, use environment values for our API backend and integrate on our SDK Redis Cache for cached responses from the OpenAI API.

Secure Synapse Analytics Data Watehouse

This session is all about a Python Web App with Azure SQL and Synapse Analytics for a secure Data Warehouse solution! Build and deploy with Private Endpoins , Managed VNET and all the tweaks on Synapse for your own Polling Data Analytics ! Oh it won't hurt to have a pinch of Power Bi !

Synapse PII Data Masking with Cognitive Services

We are going to deploy Azure Synapse and Data Lake v2 with Terraform, upload a CSV with AD User Data and modify a Synapse Analytics Template to mask Pii Data with Cognitive Services.

Azure Logic Apps & Defender for Endpoint

In this session we will deploy Logic Apps and Storage Account in Azure with DevOps Pipelines. Then the Logic App workflow will Import data from Defender for Endpoint and store it in Azure Storage blob for any further use.

Import Users into Azure AD with Azure functions and CosmosDB

In this session we create a solution via DevOps which publishes Azure Functions and CosmosDB and automates User Registration for Azure AD

Service Bus & Container Apps - Entra ID User Registration

This session displays the integration of Container Apps and Service Bus , where a Web App inserts users into Entra ID from a Web Form. We are using Docker to containerize our Web App and MS Graph with Key Vault !

The deployment is done with Terraform and the purpose is to display the amazing integration of Azure Services along with the lightning fast Service Bus queues.

OpenAI Web App - External Authentication

Our Open AI Web App can provide access to other Azure Tenants via the Authentication Providers, and we are going to show you how to do that!

Semantic Kernel: Control your Open AI with Semantic Kernel

A session about the Semantic Kernel and how we can control our Prompts to have OpenAI produce specific requests and apply this to our Applications. React and Python as well as Terraform Azure Function Apps and Container Apps in this Demo!
We are exploring Semantic Kernel and how we can implement Azure Open AI with total control on the prompts and the requests towards our Chat deployments! Our Project is a Learning Application assisting users into learning different topics with Tutorials and Quizzes fresh from Azure Open AI. The same can be achieved using Open AI Chat GPT, but we love Azure and we are going to use the Azure Open AI resources!

Azure Subscription with OpenAI enabled, VSCode and Terraform with Azure Functions Core tools.

Microsoft Fabric & Content Safety: Analytics on Metadata

In this Workshop we are going to utilize Custom Metadata, and Azure Content Safety to perform Analytics on Image Moderation with Microsoft Fabric. A wide range of tools used to help us categorize and flag content but also analyze the Data with Microsoft Fabric.


Creating and customizing Copilots in Copilot Studio

Build and configure a Copilot with your Web Site's data from Copilot Studio and Publish it as a Teams App and embed it on your Website for your users to interact with it.

Building Intelligent Chatbots with Azure and Hugging Face

Join our workshop on the future of intelligent chatbot development! Seamlessly integrate Azure Cosmos DB for vectorization, leverage Hugging Face, and craft Prompt Flows within React. This workshop is designed for all audiences looking to learn chatbot development skills and AI Development.

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Konstantinos Passadis

solutions architect - Microsoft Azure MVP

Athens, Greece


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