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Kranthi Lammatha

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Entrepreneurial-spirited, a pioneering technologist with 10+ years of executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. A powerful blend of technology vision and business acumen results in consistent development of robust business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications. (blog) (company) (My Website)

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How AI meet's Blockchain Ecosystem

Artificial intelligence: AI Dev World 2019.
Speaker: Kranthi Lammatha
Sponsored & Supported By Pass right, MIT
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Topic: How Artificial intelligence Meets Blockchain EcoSystem.
--- IT Security in Higher Education NS (National Security). Coming trends and innovation

IT Security in Higher Education NS (National Security). Coming trends and innovation in Higher Education and the Blockchain Ecosystem. Implementing blockchain
technologies could provide significant benefits to every department within a
postsecondary institution.
In spite of the technological advancements, we are surrounded with on a daily
basis, the current higher education ecosystem is still lagging behind in terms of
innovation and continues to function in a tightly bundled operation. Educational
experts have stressed upon the need for reforming the higher education
the system in order to better fulfill the needs of its main consumer: the student.
Unbundling aspects of higher education have been recognized as one such
idea that can possibly result in universities reinventing themselves for the
benefit of all stakeholders involved. At the same time, researchers have
singled out blockchain technology as an emerging technology that has the
potential of reforming current social systems. The launch of the EU Blockchain
Observatory in February 2018 is one of the major indications that reflect the
nature of interest in the potential of blockchain. Due to its capability to break
the existing barriers of trust less society and to provide a decentralized,
transparent and secure method of handling any kind of transactions, blockchain technology could be used to unbundle aspects of higher education.
There is a noticeable lack of empirical research when it comes to the use of
blockchain technology in the higher education sector, specifically related to