Kamal Rawat

Kamal Rawat

Full Stack | Front-End | Cloud Enthusiastic | Architect

Kamal Singh Rawat is Full stack / Open Source / Microsoft Technology Enthusiast. I am a Mindcracker MVP . Learning and sharing is my passion. Expertise in designing, implementing microservices. Seasoned engineer in creating front-end apps with frameworks/libraries. (React, Angular, Ember, Webpack,Babel ,ES6)

Current sessions

Audio and Video data analysis using Amazon Transcribe

Audio and Video analysis using Amazon Transcribe.

Amazon Transcribe is a fully managed and continuously trained automatic speech recognition service
that takes in audio and automatically generates accurate transcripts:

There might be different use-cases for using Amazon Transcribe:

1. Analysis of Call-Center calls
2. Search and Filter videos transcript
3. Recorded office meetings

Its hard to memorize and put notes for each clip, rather process the whole audio into text
using Amazon Transcribe, analyze it using with various other tools (Amazon Comprehend) and make your analysis ready.