Kumar Chinnakali

Information & Communications Technology


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Kumar Chinnakali

Principal Architect

I thoroughly enjoy working with people and organizations who want to perform their best and bring continuous values to the community, stake holders and society. Professionally experienced and engaged for more than a decade, passionate to solve business problems by adopting great technologies with my strength of continuous learning and leadership. Volunteering with many institutions to high-up legacy and non-technologist to the current newer cloud, big data, blockchain, digital reality, and AI era.

Always on to solve problems by creating something to address real business values, by collaborating with a diverse team of people, in a highly iterative fashion, using visual thinking and deep user understanding.

Staying with mother, wife and daughter; yes, am handling three generations of women which is super exciting and thrilling.

Current sessions

Azure for Everyone

Azure for Everyone is the breadth of Azure services with cloud concepts, so our Azure community members and non Azure members can be on-boarded into Azure ecosystem.