Kurt Nelson

Information & Communications Technology

Android Software Development Mobile Development

San Francisco, California, United States

Kurt Nelson

Senior Software Engineer & Android Xoogler

Kurt has been working with Android at the framework and application level since 2010 and bought a Motorola Xoom. At Google, he worked on Glass, Google Buds and the internal application framework used by apps such as Tez & Google Go. He has taught Android to Software Engineers at many top tech companies as a Big Nerd Ranch instructor.
He currently lives in SF and works for Uber on mobile foundations that makes writing high-quality application code as easy as possible.

Current sessions

Why Jetpack?

Jetpack & androidx are more than just libraries for you to use but a change in the approach Android is taking towards fragmentation and developer velocity.

The Dangers of SharedPreferences: An API allegory

SharedPreferences has been in the framework and recommended since day 1. However, it has some hidden nuances and pitfalls that can lead to flakiness in production.

Learn when you should use it and how to write robust APIs with it.

Storing app data reliably, performantly and easily

Almost every single app needs to store important pieces of data such as a session token on disk. Learn about the pitfalls of existing solutions, what to do for data needed for app launch, when to use something like Room for relational data, and how storage impacts the user experience especially in emerging markets.

Past and future events

Android @ Scale

Eliminating Long-Tail Jank With StrictMode
29 Jan 2018
New York City, New York, United States