Karina Varela

Karina Varela

Principal Product Manager @ IBM

Brasília, Brazil

Karina Varela works with enterprise technologies for over ten years, with big focus on cloud solutions. Previously a Red Hatter, she nows works as a Product Manager at IBM.

Her solid knowledge is built on experience with development, architecture, delivery, and troubleshooting of customer applications and products used worldwide. Karina became well recognized amongst the Java community for being an international speaker, writer, open-source contributor, and manager of the SOUJava community.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • java
  • Java EE
  • Enterprise Java / Jakarta EE
  • Java and Server-side
  • Business Automation
  • Java in the cloud
  • software architecure
  • Software Development
  • Clean Architecture
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Cloud Technology
  • Cloud Native

How to Become a Top-Performing Software Engineer through Real-World Open Source Practices

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your software engineering career? Do you want to learn from the best and take your skills to the next level? Look no further! Our talk will delve into the world of open source, a space where some of the most successful software products have been developed by global teams using high-quality design and reusable practices.

The Open Source industry brings mature guidelines and methodologies for enhancing practices of documentation, architectural decisions record, code design and style, testing, and much more. These increasing practices' adoption has a name: Inner Source.

Learn why and how adopting proven open-source practices within your organization can bring your documentation, decision-making, code design, and testing quality to the next level.

Join us on this journey to success as we showcase the most effective practices from top open-source projects. By the end of our talk, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to take your career to new heights and drive reusability and innovation within your team and organization. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your software engineering skills!

Persistence Wars: become the Jedi of distributed Java architectures

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…, it became relatively straightforward to design and implement our application's data persistence solution. Nowadays we live in a world where modern cloud-native and distributed solutions adoption increases yearly critical for us to know how the impacts of such changes on our data integration layer - after all, it is often tagged as a performance bottleneck. Not only a bottleneck, but a small mistake in this layer might also impact the whole architecture and it is really expensive to change it later.

In this talk, we'll cover, in a Java context, topics such as transactionality concerns, impacts of poorly designed persistence layers, patterns and best practices, polyglot architectures and the adoption of different paradigms such as NoSQL, the framework's hidden traps you may fall into in exchange for development speed, the evolution of the JakartaEE platform in the face of new development needs, how to handle data throughout application modernization processes and much more.

Don't miss out on this architecture-driven journey that will enable you to design and deliver modern distributed Java solutions that rely on a powerful, long-lasting, reliable persistence layer.

DDD in action: Strategies and tactics for Java solutions

As software engineers, our only goal is to solve the problem in the most effective way possible. Being pragmatic and understanding the business is crucial for ensuring effectiveness in our field. DDD presents us with a potential path and strategy to follow in this sense. Although, despite its popularity, we can agree that the "blue" book is quite hard to understand and quite unclear regarding ways to put its ideas into action.

Luckily, you came to the right place!

In this workshop, we will unravel DDD into practical actions when developing Java solutions. We'll cover both strategy and tactics: we'll start a solution case from scratch and cover how several concepts, such as bounded context, context maps, and ubiquitous language, can be used efficiently. In other words, we'll see in practice why and how these practices can increase the chances of delivering a solution that correctly maps down different business needs and allows us to come up with the best implementation strategies to reflect a business problem into a technical solution.

Ultra-fast MicroProfile e Jakarta EE ultrafast with Microstream

Within the world of Java standards, Eclipse MicroProfile and Jakarta EE bring several facilities and functionalities to make the development of microservices in the cloud-native era something straightforward. And this platform will be even better with a database engine that promises to be 1000 times faster than the relational database.

Meet the Microstream: a fundamentally new persistence framework for storing complex Java object graphs natively, which means the object graph is stored on disk as it is in RAM.

DevBcn 2023 Sessionize Event

July 2023 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

JCON 2022 ONLINE (virtual) Sessionize Event

September 2022

Karina Varela

Principal Product Manager @ IBM

Brasília, Brazil

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