Laura Webb

Laura Webb

Visual Design & D365/Power Platform Consultant

London, United Kingdom

Laura is reasonably new to the Microsoft industry. She was working in the charity sector as a Project Assistant/Office 365 Specialist for 3 years and before that was in various support roles. She fully entered the Microsoft industry when accepting a job offer with HCL in Nov 2021. She then completed the CIT Program in March 2022, and it's been the most amazing ride of her life so far.

She loves all things creative and Microsoft related and can't wait to see what the future holds. Laura spends her time outside of work, blogging about the Power Platform community and her journey in the hope to inspire and support others. She likes to merge her love of tech with her love of art & design, to try to bring even more fun to the topics and activities she presents to the community. Her career and general way of life have always been built around the concepts of inspiration, support, and simplifying everything! She hopes to use these concepts to make a positive impact on the Microsoft community and whoever else dares to listen.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Arts


  • Microsoft Business Applications learning and professional networking
  • Networking
  • Career development
  • Microsoft 365
  • Digital Design
  • Web Design
  • SharePoint Online
  • Power Apps Component Framework
  • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Canvas Apps
  • UI/UX Design
  • Microsoft Power Platform

PowerPoint for PowerApps - tips and tricks!

PowerPoint is generally thought of as the platform to use when you have to sort out a presentation...and that's totally right...however...

It can also be used to create:
✏ interactive idea workshops,
✏ design svgs (logos, icons, graphics),
✏ brainstorm UI and UX ideas,
✏ create wireframes,
✏ apps directly from the wireframes,
✏ guidance packs,
✏ recording clips,
✏ audio,
✏ documentation,
✏ and recording project progress!

And we get it free with our 365 licenses!!

I use PowerPoint for sooooooo much now and I learn more about it every day. I mostly use it to design my canvas apps, blog images, templates, and Tech Trump Cards. I would love to share what I've learned with others and maybe change people's minds about PowerPoint forever.

Let me show you some of my tricks!

Christmas Tech Trump Cards Collection

After having a random urge to purchase a pack of Top Trump cards a while back, I then came up with the legendary idea of making TECH TRUMP cards!!

I have been releasing blog posts containing these cards and mini-interviews alongside for a little while now and thought - wouldn't it be fab to do these for the Festive Tech Calendar event. So I'm doing a Christmas collection!

*These are not to bring up competition between those in the community*

These are to help others discover people in the community that maybe their clicks handed landed on yet, to help inspire, network, find role models, mentors, experts in the field they are growing in, or even just new besties.

I've also merged the top trumps game with collectable cards and so the idea is to 'save' the cards, (save the posts) and collect them all! The stats are purely for fun.

This isn't a talk or session, more of a fun activity, although a small time slot can be kept to encourage people to join in if needed. Otherwise, it's a matter of advertising the activity, which is fine too.

There is a form to complete that takes about 11-15 minutes.
Participants would need (not urgent if not) their LinkedIn URL and to be ready to answer some mini-interview questions.

The answers will be shared with the public/community/LinkedIn, so everyone needs to be ok with what they're sharing.

There will be a submission period, deadline for the submissions and another date for the release of the cards and content.

Link to form: https://forms.office.com/r/gURRt0NtSc
Link to blog: https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/webb-side-story-blog-6923599383259172864/

Finding my community and myself!

Have you ever sat up on the edge of a boat or a pool and just settled there with your toes dipped in the water?

Feeling like you don't really have what it takes to dive in?
Or maybe diving in was just something you never knew you had the option of doing?

This talk will be about my journey into the Microsoft community and how I've been supported, encouraged, guided, befriended and invited to dive into the Microsoft world, head first.

I was just sitting on the side, feeling like I didn't have what it takes to be apart of this amazing industry. It didn't even really occur to me that this industry really existed or that I would ever have the option of getting involved.

Following people's advice, studying and saying 'YES!', it helped me to stay focused, connected and excited when times were challenging, it also helped me figure myself out a little more when I was feeling a bit lost.

I am hoping this talk will inspire and guide others to discover the community, as well as find courage and hidden skills that they possibly didn't know they already had, to be apart of something so fantastic.

South Coast Summit

Finding my place and my value in this community

October 2023 Farnborough, United Kingdom

Scottish Summit 2023

August 2023 Manchester, United Kingdom

Scottish Power Platform User Group

PowerPoint to PowerApps - Tips and Tricks

June 2023

Scottish Summit 2022

June 2022 Glasgow, United Kingdom

Laura Webb

Visual Design & D365/Power Platform Consultant

London, United Kingdom