Laurent Gil

Information & Communications Technology

DevOps & Automation AWS Architect Kubernetes Continuous Everything

Grenoble, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Laurent Gil

DXC Technology, DevOps Coach, SRE, Certified AWS Architect

Passionate by technology and automation, Laurent started his DevOps journey 10 years ago
in creating his first CI pipelines. Few years later he spread the DevOps mindset
accross the DXC company as DevOps Coach. Seeing the need to mutualize the CI/CD tools chain accross the company,
he engaged in the SRE path, conducting him to create an infrastructure hosting more than 20000
company jobs. Make aware of the automated deployment issues, this AWS Solution Architect created his first Kubernetes stack
to host the company CI/CD tools since he advocates Kubernetes and step by step he is becoming Kubernetes evangelist.

Current sessions

CI and CD for documentation

We have been moving our documentation (contracts, requests for proposals, policies, technical documentation, work instructions) to a "Documentation as Code" model. The published goal is simple: improve the quality of our documentation, in the same way that our engineers have improved the quality of their software. The goal we did NOT publish is to use this move as a mean to embark everyone to apply DevOps patterns such as version control everything, making work visible, CI/CD, improving feedback loops, and more.
Not only our Dev and Ops people are now using GIT, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for all things text, but also business consultants, marketing, legal, and our sales force. We've accumulated great outcomes. But we also made mistakes and underestimated the difficulty to do this at scale - with 30,000 active contributors.
This talk is made of our story so far, the tools and techniques we use, the outcomes by the numbers, and the headwind we face.

Past and future events

2020 All Day DevOps

12 Nov - 13 Nov 2020