Lee Englestone

Information & Communications Technology

Augmented Reality .NET Xamarin ARKit Speech Design

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Lee Englestone

Microsoft MVP, Technical Lead

Lee is the Technical Lead at Interact Software

He is constantly working on innovative side projects, building things and looking for ways to educate the .NET community in cool technologies.

He is the creator of VisualStudioTips.co.uk, HackathonTips.com and XamarinArkit.com.

Lee blogs at www.ManchesterDeveloper.com and Tweets @LeeEnglestone

Current sessions

Augmented Reality using Xamarin, ARKit, C# and .NET

In this session we will look at how easy (yet overlooked) it is for .NET developers to create Augmented Reality mobile applications for iOS devices using Xamarin, ARKit and C#

We will briefly discuss the increasingly popular topic that is Augmented Reality and its applications, review some basic concepts then look at a generous helping of example AR videos and code.

Listen Up - An Introduction to the System.Speech namespace

This is an introduction to the Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition abilities in the System.Speech namespace which is one of my favourite namespaces.

You can do an awful lot in the System.Speech namespace that you may not be aware of. It's all local (so no connectivity needed). Its been in the .NET Framework for a while and is in .NET Core as well as UWP so there's no excuse not to use it.

We'll look at doing some fun things with speech during this talk.

After this talk you'll be thinking of how to put speech recognition into all of your applications.