Lewis Tanguhwar

Information & Communications Technology

AI & Machine Learning Cloud Computing Web Development Data Science

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Lewis Tanguhwar

Explore ML with Google Crowdsource Facilitator & Backend Developer

Lewis is a tech enthusiast who loves everything tech and is passionate about emerging technologies. He has experience in Cloud Computing, Web development, Low Code platforms, Technical writing, Machine Learning & Data Science, and he is involved in building and growing tech communities. He is an Explore ML with CrowdSource Facilitator .

Current sessions

Introduction to Machine Learning

This is a beginner-friendly session showing the audience applications of Machine Learning in everyday life with as well as introducing the Google crowdsource app.

Introduction to Cloud Computing- Google Cloud Platform

My session aims at introducing the concept of cloud computing to the growing developer base in Benue state. Cloud computing is still at penetration stage in Nigeria and it is a rapidly evolving tech field and as such I find it necessary to to introduce cloud technology to the community while focusing on Google Cloud Platform for the session. In summary I will introduce them to the concept of serve less computing, the advantages of cloud computing, career pathways in cloud technologies and then we will also work through a simple task of Creating a VM (within 10) minutes just to give them a feel of Google Cloud console

How Neural Networks Powers Google Translate.

This session aims at showing attendees how an Artificial Neural network helps and improve Google Language Translation.

Google Cloud Platform - the basics for begginners

My discussion titled "Google Cloud Platform-the basics for beginners' is aimed at novices/beginners in tech and anybody in general who is interested in Cloud Computing with a focus on Google Cloud Platform but is not certain in the overall concepts of cloud computing. This discussion introduces four major options when deciding to employ Google Cloud Platform: Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, the Kubernetes Engine and Google Cloud Functions. In the process of the discussion a step by step walk through on creating a virtual Machine (Compute Engine) will be done and a basic dummy webpage will be designed to give attendees a feel of writing codes and previewing in a browser on Google Cloud Platform.