Markus Lippert

Markus Lippert

Lead DevOps Engineer, COSMO CONSULT

Ulm, Germany

Markus Lippert is working for COSMO CONSULT (cosmoconsult.com) as a DevOps Engineer and technical lead for COSMO Alpaca.

Born near Ulm in Germany, Markus got his master's degree in computer science and started as a developer for Business Software and .NET. After different positions with development and operations tasks, Markus became DevOps Engineer for COSMO CONSULT.

He is blogging on lippertmarkus.com, where he writes about DevOps, Windows Containers and cloud-native technologies, but also tooling like Visual Studio Code. His other focus is Azure, mainly around container orchestration and automation.

When Markus isn't busy trying out new technologies, he also loves to work on his personal development by doing sports, hiking or reading.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud Native
  • Containers
  • container orchestration
  • Azure
  • DevOps
  • .NET
  • Kubernetes

Next-gen project & product implementation with COSMO Alpaca

Modern Business Central project and product implementation requires a lot of expertise around tools, automation & standardization. We want to free up the time of consultants, developers and project managers and help you to increase quality & revenue with an all-in-one implementation toolset that fits you.

Leveraging Windows Containers in Your Kubernetes-Native CI/CD Pipelines

How can you leverage Kubernetes-native CI/CD solutions for your Windows applications? What's needed to create Windows container images in your pipelines? This hands-on talk will get developers and operators started with Windows container support of Argo Workflows and Tekton. You will learn how you can use these solutions to build and test your Windows applications and create Windows container images for them. All work presented will be shared with you.


Containerized CI/CD Agents for Azure DevOps and GitHub

CI/CD has gained importance in the Business Central ecosystem and in a lot of cases, containers are used for building your extensions. At the same time, the agents or runners where all the automation is happening, are often still regular VMs

In this session we will show you how you can containerize the agents as well and even start them on the fly. We will cover both Azure DevOps and GitHub and top it off with real-life demos of open source projects on GitHub and the usage of COSMO Alpaca for Azure DevOps pipelines.

Areopa Webinar 2023

Directions EMEA 2022 Hamburg

November 2022 Hamburg, Germany


February 2022

Markus Lippert

Lead DevOps Engineer, COSMO CONSULT

Ulm, Germany