Lois Harris

Lois Harris

Memberclicks, Software UI Engineer

Lois Harris is a Software Engineer for MemberClicks. Lois has been programming since 2016. Although she works mainly with Javascript frameworks and technologies like Angular and NodeJS, she has been dabbling with Java for fun. When she is not working, she loves to volunteer and sip Bellinis with friends.

Creating an NPM tool

Working in a large codebase you quickly learn that the components can be reused. NPM tools can handle sharing and updating your shared component library. This session will focus on getting started with NPM tools, how to set up a shareable and making updates to the shared library.

This session will go step by step on creating an NPM tool:
1. Creating the repo
2. Setting up your package.json
3. Utilizing the npm CLI to update and publish the library
4. Adding the library to the feature
5. Updating and versioning the library to prevent breakages for features that are using that tool.

Cypress Testing For a UI Developer

There are so many ways to test your front end application and knowing which solution to choose and maintain can be a daunting task. Cypress.io takes the pain out of front end testing. This session will cover testing your application including network requests and responses.

Will work through the test spec for the demo app. Include tips and tricks to make testing faster. Will cover testing network requests and testing responses to ensure the data is correct every time.

State Management in Angular with Akita

One of the biggest challenges when architecting a front end application is deciding what state management strategy to use. There are plenty out there Akita is a quick and easy state management pattern built on top of RxJS. This session will focus on the ins and outs of Akita including how to get started and the different Akita plugins

This session will work through a demo. This demo will be a simple car finder to show off the ease of working with Akita. This demo will also cover some plugins that come with Akita like Form Manager. The demo will be in Angular 8.

Design Patterns and Coding Styles Every UI

Starting as a Junior Developer can be...overwhelm. You know enough to maintain the code base but there is so much more to it when developing a feature. This talk will cover design patterns that often used as well as tips on folder/file structure and coding styles.

*Show terms with examples.
*Will show a basic demo app to illustrate folder/file structure as well as code styling

Animation in Angular

Ever wonder how to create animations like page transitions in Angular. Angular's animation is based on CSS functionality so anything you can do in CSS you can do with Angular Animation This talk will focus on creating animations in Angular.

Several examples of angular components with animation including:
*Page Transitions
*Transition from Active button to Selected button
*On page load animation

Lois Harris

Memberclicks, Software UI Engineer