Luca Nicoletti

Luca Nicoletti

Android Engineer @Sitka

Liverpool, United Kingdom


Italian engineer with a passion for tech & everything related. I started my development career working on Android KitKat! I fell in love with the green droid & all of its ups and downs. Recently moved to Liverpool, I love moving, reading books (crime, fantasy, non-fiction) and coding! I have a passion for UX/UI and well designed applications.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Android
  • Android Software Development
  • Developing Android Apps
  • Android Tools
  • Android Design
  • Android Architecture
  • Architecture Component
  • Jetpack Compose

Engineering a Design System

Our designers decided to use a design system.
What is a design system? How can it help speed up the design and the development of a mobile application?
We have to align the entire application to that design system, build re-usable components which will speed the development time up without creating too many issues, avoiding code repetition and creating something that our designers can check and interact with before the features using the designs are shipped.
A design system uses components, and that's where we started from. We decided to mimic the idea of `widgets` from Flutter. We had to engineer our system in a way that allowed us to create small enough (but not too atomic) components, re-usable, avoiding making them too big and complex (hard to read and understand, hard to refactor, etc..).
The decisions, how we made them (team effort - with all the suggestions, opinions and conversations we had to come to a solution) and how we are now using them to speed up the development of our app.
What problem we faced, how we solved them, how this impacted our development speed and approach over the weeks (and how it will impact us in the future).

How we 🛠 engineered our 🧑🏼‍🎨 design system

MVI with Jetpack Compose

A little intro on how Jetpack Compose will help us get the best out of MVI architecture in the Android world.

A brief intro to MVI, a little intro on Jetpack Compose and an overview on how we could merge them all together to benefit from the best of both of them

Changing company

A lot of us will face this situation sooner or later: "I'm done with this company, I need to move on".
Whatever the reason might be: salary, culture, people, moving aboard, just need something fresh, need to change business, etc...
I've faced this situation many times now, and I want to share what it is like, what you will face, the process, the interviews, the extra time you need to invest in yourself, how to handle the outcome (both positive and negative), and how to communicate with your "old" and "new" companies.
Also: is it worth relying on recruiters?!

Long session (45-60 minutes), no specific target, I guess everyone would be welcome.
No technical requirements.

White labelling with Jetpack Compose

Whitelabelling an Android app is not easy. Your skeleton should be easily and quickly customisable to align with your client(s) needs.
Jetpack compose introduced a new way of defining our UI. We don't have classes anymore, we can't rely on inheritance anymore, so we can't have customisation based on child classes.
Jetpack compose also introduced a new way to inject things in UI (`Local[AAA].current`).
I'll show how you can create a specific product for a specific client in no time thanks to a specific system allowing you to inject customisation(s) in Jetpack Compose.

White labelling has never been so easy thanks to Jetpack Compose. No technical requirement, apart from a base knowledge of Jetpack Compose. Target audience: everyone interested in customisation of products built with Jetpack Compose UI. Preferred duration: 40 minutes.

droidcon Berlin 2021 Sessionize Event

October 2021 Berlin, Germany

droidcon Madrid Sessionize Event

December 2019 Madrid, Spain

GDG DevFest London 2019 Sessionize Event

November 2019 London, United Kingdom

Mobile Unplugged

Jetpack Compose - exploring a pre-alpha
An intro to the new Jetpack Compose library from Google. The story behind exploring what they called a ‘pre-alpha stage’ library. What you need to know about Jetpack Compose: what it is, how it is supposed to be used, concerns about using it at this point, take-homes, lessons learnt.

November 2019 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Mobilization IX

Mobilization is a conference dedicated to mobile technologies. The main scope is the development of mobile solutions aimed at smartphones and tablets, with a particular interest in Android and iOS.
MVI with Jetpack Compose

October 2019 Łódź, Poland


So far, Mobiconf has focused on mobile development and UI/UX design, connecting developers and designers.
MVI with Jetpack Compose

October 2019 Kraków, Poland

droidcon Lisbon Sessionize Event

September 2019 Lisbon, Portugal

Luca Nicoletti

Android Engineer @Sitka

Liverpool, United Kingdom


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