Ludwig Pummer

Ludwig Pummer

Principal Production Engineer, Verizon Media

Ludwig Pummer is a Principal Production Engineer at Verizon Media working on messaging and distributed key-value storage systems. He is the lead production engineer for Pulsar in Verizon Media and has supported it since prior to the inception of the current architecture. He has worked on many large scale platforms at Verizon Media, including Login and Account Registration, and is experienced in automated deployment and monitoring of large scale globally distributed systems.

Current sessions

Five years of operating a large scale globally replicated Pulsar installation

The Cloud Messaging team at Verizon Media has been running a large installation of Pulsar in data-centers across the globe, since the inception of Pulsar. The system is run as a hosted platform to provide pub-sub messaging as a service for hundreds of use cases within Verizon Media. It hosts millions of topics in full mesh global replication, with automated on-boarding and resource management. In this talk, we share the operating experience in scaling Pulsar, its evolution over the last 5 years on multiple hardware configurations, tuning and capacity modeling practices. The talk will also cover the operating practices like rolling upgrades, automation and monitoring of the systems. Some of the important issues experienced in production and learnings will be discussed. We will also discuss some areas for operational improvements in Pulsar