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Luise Freese

Luise Freese

Changing the world one app at a time

Düsseldorf, Germany

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft 365 Consultant, Power Platform Developer

Luise helps customers around the globe to improve their business processes and to get rid of everything that only keeps them busy. She is a member of the Microsoft 365 platform community (PnP) team and supports developers in extending Microsoft 365. She loves all things community, open-source, stickers, and the number 42.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 PnP

The AI ethics session nobody knew we needed

Asking AI to generate an image for you, create content, answer questions? Very convenient, but oh-so-problematic! AI is not only borderline plagiarizing styles from human artists, who then don't get recognized, but also highly biased as it reflects the oppressive systems (racism, imperialism, sexism, ableism...) we still live in. AI ethics are becoming more important than ever with the rise of AI-driven products like ChatGPT and Dall-E. The problem with these implementations is a great bias, coming from a lack of diverse datasets and non-transparent approaches in delivering outcomes. From facial recognition to chatbots, bias can be found in any application ranging from very little to heavily biased. During this session, Luise will discuss insights on creating transparency and driving away from skewness, data-narrowness and blindness. She will also walk you through how AI actually works, followed by a deep-dive into ethics and the problems we are facing now and in the future. This session provides you with lots of food for thought and enables you to make better-informed decisions about using and implementing AI in your applications.

5 Power Apps components in 50 minutes

Attention Power Apps makers! Get ready to take your development game to the next level! Join Luise in this session and discover the 5 must-have components that will revolutionize your Power Apps development process. Luise will take you on a hands-on journey, demonstrating how to build and configure these components and showcase their amazing benefits. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to a world of possibilities with component libraries. This session is an absolute must-attend for anyone looking to boost their development speed and create unbeatable app experiences.

Let’s build the ultimate Power App: Reusable, Remarkable and Responsive

Building Power Apps is easy. Building beautiful Power Apps with a consistent styling is hard – unless you use our best practices to build the ultimate Canvas App. Participants will leave this workshop with a thorough understanding of how to create Power Apps with a responsive design and a remarkable user interface, as well as the tools to speed up future app projects by reusing components and templates.
- Reusable: quickly and easily add style to your apps with our free, publicly available library of design templates and components
- Remarkable: get acquainted with the principles of Material Design, developed by some of the world's leading UI designers.
- Responsive: structure your whole screen with multiple layers of containers to easily take your design from full HD to a tiny smartphone

Power Apps- 5 advanced techniques to level up 🍄

In this session, Luise will take your basic Power Apps development skills to the next level and wow you with 5 techniques
that you can implement in your own apps. This session focuses on "a bit more code in low code" and lets you elevate design,
bring in richer data, improve user experience, interactivity, and accessibility.

Size matters?! Start building responsive Power Apps canvas apps

"If doesn't work on mobile, it doesn't work!" - AS we can't predict which device or orientation our users use our apps with,
we need to make them fit every device and every orientation.

Learn in this session how to get started with building responsive apps in canvas apps.
Luise wil guide you plan a responsive app, and how to take action with utilizing all 3 types of containers,
how to deal with breakpoints, and how to troubleshoot bugs.

How developing your minimal LOVABLE product will delight users

While the minimal viable product is focused (MVP) to test the market and validate an idea, the minimal lovable product (MLP) is designed to additionally delight and engage users, which will ultimately drive adoption. In this session, you will learn how to define this MLP so that you know which features to build and how to make users fall in love with your app. You will learn why creating a strong emotional connection with your users starts duding development and not afterwards in marketing. Communicating the value proposition is not anymore something that happens after a release, but we need to shift-left here and put people front and center. Thinking not only about basic user needs, but building something that relates to them is at the very core of highly successful software development.

"I will remember that" and other lies - Why documentation matters and it makes your apps better

If we mention to write documentation, this goes very often with some rolling eyes 🙄 as documenting is considered to be one of the least attractive tasks. Learn in this session not only why complete documentation (no, inline comments are not sufficient) matters, but how changing your view and approach of writing the docs can lead to a better understanding of your app, easier onboarding for your team, smoother delivery, and better user-experience. Luise will provide you with some eye-opening insights on the why, how and what of proper documentation.

10 things to think about before you build an app

Understand why investing some time on the concept of a solution will save you lots of time, money and frustration. The speaker guides you through how you define the value proposition and the scope of a solution and how this will make it easier to make good decisions regarding data model and development approach. Learn how you decide on your minimal lovable product and how you avoid to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

The accessibility session you didn't know you need

Very often accessibility is either overlooked, or considered to be something that somehow needs to be taken care of, but it is not near and dear to every developers heart. It is also something, that we usually don't think about as from the very beginning of a project - which will later lead to additional spending of time, money, focus, and energy. Learn in this session why this old way of thinking will not only cost us users, but will also serve the remaining users with a not ideal user experience.

It's not enough to comply to some accessibility standards like WCAG because we need to. Our efforts to make experiences accessible to people with specific access needs are the result of creative problem-solving - while the special requirements are not a constraint to somehow deal with, but an opportunity to ultimately serve many and provide them with the best-in-class experience.

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Luise Freese

Changing the world one app at a time

Düsseldorf, Germany

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