Mabrouk Mahdhi

Mabrouk Mahdhi

Microsoft MVP, Author & Senior Consultant @ eBiz Consulting GmbH

Microsoft MVP, Author & Senior Consultant @ eBiz Consulting GmbH

Microsoft MVP, Author & Senior Consultant @ eBiz Consulting GmbH

Darmstadt, Germany


Mabrouk stands out as a Microsoft MVP and a leading figure in the realm of mobile and web development. As a Senior Consultant for eBiz Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, Mabrouk boasts over a decade of robust hands-on experience in application and system design, development, testing, and integration. His prowess goes beyond just coding; he's a proven analyst and problem-solver dedicated to delivering optimal solutions to intricate business technology challenges.

Mabrouk zeichnet sich als Microsoft MVP und führende Persönlichkeit im Bereich der mobilen und Webentwicklung aus. Als Senior Consultant für eBiz Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt, Deutschland, verfügt Mabrouk über mehr als ein Jahrzehnt robuster praktischer Erfahrung in Anwendungs- und Systemdesign, Entwicklung, Testen und Integration. Seine Fähigkeiten gehen über das reine Codieren hinaus; er ist ein bewährter Analyst und Problemlöser, der sich der Bereitstellung optimaler Lösungen für komplexe geschäftstechnologische Herausforderungen widmet.

Mabrouk se distingue en tant que Microsoft MVP et figure de proue dans le domaine du développement mobile et web. En tant que consultant senior pour eBiz Consulting GmbH à Francfort, Allemagne, Mabrouk possède plus d'une décennie d'expérience pratique solide dans la conception, le développement, les tests et l'intégration d'applications et de systèmes. Son expertise va au-delà de la simple programmation ; il est un analyste et un résolveur de problèmes avéré, dédié à fournir des solutions optimales aux défis technologiques complexes des entreprises.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • C#
  • Blazor
  • Xamarin
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin Forms - MAUI
  • Cloud
  • Cloud Native
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Azure
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Azure Data & AI
  • AI
  • Artificial Inteligence
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud Native & Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • microservices
  • .NET Migration to Azure
  • Azure DevOps
  • Containers
  • Container
  • Software Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Deveopment
  • Domain Driven Design
  • MicroFrontend
  • microfrontends
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • ASP.NET Core
  • .NET (Core) development
  • Visual Studio / .NET
  • .NET Frontend
  • Blazorise
  • Blazor WebAssembly
  • Blazor ServerSide

Enterprise-Level Blazor: A Blueprint for Advanced Web Applications

Unpack the blueprint for constructing advanced enterprise web applications using Blazor. This talk focuses on the intricacies of Blazor in an enterprise context, emphasizing security, integration with existing systems, and advanced UI/UX considerations. Attendees will learn how to leverage Blazor's full potential to create highly efficient and user-friendly enterprise applications.

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In this session, Mabrouk will unlock the potential of SignalR, guiding attendees through its core principles and demonstrating its power in connecting native mobile apps developed with .NET MAUI and web apps created using ASP.NET and Blazor. Through engaging demonstrations, you'll see the real-time capabilities of these technologies in action, offering a glimpse into creating applications that not only meet but exceed user expectations for immediacy and interactivity.

Whether you're aiming to enhance existing applications or build from the ground up, this session will arm you with the insights and skills needed to leverage SignalR, .NET MAUI, and Blazor for developing modern, real-time applications.

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Mabrouk Mahdhi

Microsoft MVP, Author & Senior Consultant @ eBiz Consulting GmbH

Darmstadt, Germany


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