Maciej Adamczak

Maciej Adamczak

A Front-End Developer on Bitbucket Server at Atlassian. A JavaScript problem solver.

I'm a Senior Front-End Developer at Atlassian, as well as a trainer and JavaScript consultant after work. At Atlassian, I work on the Bitbucket Server product. I'm always interested in solving complex problems and improving existing solutions. I'm a creative and passionate person with a can-do attitude. I'm not afraid of diving into the legacy code and make it work better. Besides work, I like to travel and try new food whenever I can. So far, I've lived on three different continents, and two years ago, I moved to Australia.

Current sessions

Puppeteer: Testing and Automating All the Things

Puppeteer is a powerful library that provides a high-level API with almost endless possibilities, allowing you to quickly build tools and scripts on top of the headless browser. You can create them once and reuse on both local development and continuous integration environments. Thanks to Puppeteer we can now automate many tedious tasks instead of performing them manually, from automating a check to see how much JavaScript code was used on the page, to measuring and reducing the size of assets for improving performance and page load time. Do you want to keep your application performance metrics at a high level? Are you tired of Selenium? Maybe you would like to write functional tests directly in JavaScript? In this talk, you'll learn how the Puppeteer library can help you achieve all of this and more, all in a single tool.