Maggie Hill

Maggie Hill

People Leader, servant of the human workforce

Hello, I am Maggie Hill. I am passionate about people. I have enjoyed an adventurous career spanning 10 years in genetic research and an additional 13 years in IT. After years in IT as a Business Analyst, I began my coaching adventure as a Scrum Master for 2 teams. I have been coaching teams, leaders of teams, and leadership teams in the subsequent 6 years since. Currently, I am a People Leader with Centene, managing 5 application development teams. Using this diversity of experience, I have cultivated my passion for helping grow teams and organizations to deliver high quality, and robust solutions while promoting employee engagement and opportunities for professional growth through strategic alignment.
I have worked to bring awareness and appreciation of knowledge workers in the workforce today, and helping enterprises value their truly most precious commodity, the people.
In the pursuit of continuous improvement, I enjoy mentoring, training, and learning from those within my professional ecosystem.

Current sessions

Conflict Mitigation Tools: From Fearing to Steering through Navigable Work Relationships

Conflict is part of life every day for all of us, all walks of life, chosen careers, not so chosen careers, etc…… ALL of us. Conflict is defined as a disagreement, variance or clash. How in the world do we navigate interactions with ruthlessly vocal people in our workplaces? How do we converse and work peacefully with abrasive and sometimes confrontational personalities? Dealing with conflict is a scary endeavor for people, especially in the workplace and moreover when we aren’t equipped with the tools to handle such diverse behaviors demonstrated by our colleagues. Using interactive activities, and understanding of basic concepts of conflict fundamentals we expect to provide insights and tools for our participants to gain awareness around conflict, triggers that escalate conflicts, and tools that could be used to help maintain, and even build better relationships in the workplace.