Mahmoud Zayed

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mahmoud Zayed

Software Architect, ImageX

Has been developing enterprise solutions using Drupal since 2008.
Contributed to Drupal Core, distributions, and modules.
Experienced in both frontend and backend for portals, applications, and mobile solutions.

The creator of Bootstrap Styles, Bootstrap Layout Builder, Layout Builder Blocks, and Section Library.

Current sessions

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Maximizing UX With Drupal’s Bootstrap Layout Builder

Harmonize design and development by working with Drupal’s Bootstrap Layout Builder to increase UX efficacy.

This session will share the 5 guiding principles for designer-developer collaborations to bridge gaps. It will also cover how ImageX has built a Bootstrap Layout Builder module to improve the usability for non-technical users of Drupal.

Learn more about core collaboration challenges, how to approach them, and component-based designs.