Maik Figura

Information & Communications Technology

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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Maik Figura

Chaos Monkey at codecentric AG

Maik is an introvert, stammers and loves to give talks. What could possibly go wrong? At codecentric AG, Maik helps customers to establish Chaos Engineering practices. In his +1 time he’s maintaining Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot.

Current sessions

Collaborative Functional Domain Modelling in Practice

Functional programming enables the modeling of business domains based on a type system. This allows to enforce invariants and give business experts the possibility to give feedback directly to the code.

In this workshop I will be your product owner and present you a business problem. You will use the type system of a functional programming language (no prior knowledge necessary) to model the domain against a set of business rules. The result will be a domain model, that is directly in the code (as opposed to a pure graphical representation). Therefore it is clear and precise but still easy enough to understand, to allow for direct participation of the business. Exercising communication to get a precise understanding of the business is the main focus of the workshop, besides understanding how create a domain model using a functional type system.

Rough Agenda:

- Checkin
- Overview of functional modelling techniques
- Presentation of the problem domain
- Hands-On Modelling in small groups
- Retrospective

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Chaos Engineering

“Die Produktion ist mal wieder down, aber keine Ahnung was los ist” - Wäre doch super, wenn wir jetzt einfach die Feuerwehr anrufen könnten und alles wird gut, oder? Meist sind wir leider selbst verantwortlich.
In der Produktion ist die Frage nicht ob es brennen wird, sondern wann! Genau das wollen wir beim Chaos Engineering üben, um im Ernstfall gewappnet zu sein um so die Time to Recovery und die Produktionsstabilität zu verbessern. Denn obwohl wir immer mehr testen und die Code-Coverage teilweise religiös verteidigt wird, die stabile Produktion ist für viele von uns noch immer ein lang ersehnter Traum.
Neben einer Erklärung, warum Chaos Engineering komplexen, soziotechnischen Systemen gerechter wird als andere Verfahren, gehen wir in diesem Vortrag auch darauf ein, was Chaos Engineering ist und wie Chaos Engineering in den Alltag unseres Tuns integriert werden kann.

Clear the ring for Chaos Engineering at Vertrieb Deutsche Bahn! One year sensations and attractions!

Have you ever been to the circus?
As software developers, we have much more in common with circus trainers than we think. On the one hand, we have to tame and maintain a steadily growing zoo of technologies and on the other hand, the undesirable audience expects us to show more and more astonishing features within a short period of time. On top of that, we’re also shooting right into the circus ring with our big CI/CD cannon. That can lead to interesting effects, because we’re shooting while a show is running.
In this session you will learn about our top 5 excuses not to do Chaos Engineering and how even the most hostile environment can be used to do Chaos Engineering.
Whatever your role is, product owner or developer, we will share our experience in establishing a chaos engineering centered culture at DB Vertrieb for future ringmasters to withstand turbulent conditions in production and ultimately to satisfy your customer's expectations.

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