Maik Schöneich

Information & Communications Technology

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Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Maik Schöneich


Currently I am a Lead Software Engineer at MAXIMAGO, a small special squad for awesome UX in Software. We are located in Germany, but we also work with companies around the world.
I have been a passionate Software Developer and Architect for over 12 years. I tend to have the right gut instincts for good software systems. (company)

Current sessions

Improve UX in distributed Systems using Resilience Patterns

Distributed systems are everywhere and appear in different shapes. Nowadays they come in form of Microservices. Nearly all major companies try to adopt the hype and separate their existing software systems into small units in order to keep them maintainable. But they so rely on a much more complex system: network.
Network outages and slow connections (i.e. in mobile szenarios) lead to errors and a bad user experience.
By using resilience patterns you are able to improve the overall user experience.
In this session I will show you what the basic idea of resilience is and what a good basic setup to start with could look like.