Marc Duiker

Marc Duiker

I ♥ Event-driven, Dev Communities, & Creative Coding

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marc is a Sr Developer Advocate at Diagrid with a strong focus on event-driven architectures. He loves helping developers to achieve more every day.

You might have seen Marc at a developer meetup or conference, since he's a regular speaker and event-organizer in the area of Dapr, Azure cloud, and serverless technologies. From 2019 to 2024 Marc received the Microsoft Azure MVP award for his community contributions.

In his spare time, Marc likes to give attention to the creative part of his brain. He likes to create pixel art (check out VSCode Pets), code visuals & music, and create an occasional retro game.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Serverless
  • Durable Functions
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dapr
  • distributed systems
  • Cloud Native

Help! I've created a serverless monolith!

Serverless is easy! In fact, it is *so* easy to build a serverless app on Azure it *will* grow out of control in no-time if you don't pay attention to your application architecture and disregard any learnings from maintenance and operations perspectives.

In this session, I'll give several tips on how to prevent building a serverless monolith. I'll cover various aspects such as application complexity, bounded contexts, scalability, resilience, and metrics. By the end of the talk, you'll know what to look for to prevent your serverless application to become an unmaintainable spaghetti monster.

Target audience are developers with some knowledge about serverless on Azure. Session length is about 30 minutes.

Start exploring your creative coding side now!

This session is all about discovering and expressing your creative coding side!

I believe creating software is an incredibly creative process. Although it may not feel like this when your day job is to code 'Yet Another Timesheet Application'. By doing some creative coding such as programming graphics, music or a small game you'll get a very rewarding feeling because you usually discover something new and others can enjoy your creation.

Let's break away from our regular work and explore 3 fun creative programming tools to create retro games, visual arts, and music: PICO-8, Processing, and Sonic Pi. I'll give a brief demo of each of these tools to show what you can achieve with them. By the end of the talk, I hope I've inspired you to take your creative coding skills to the next level!

Orchestrate your business logic reliably with workflow as code

Many complex business processes are modelled as workflows. Workflows need to be tolerant to failures, and consistent in their execution. Even when the workflow system temporarily is unavailable, they are expected to continue where they left once they are up and running again. Quite a daunting task if you need to write or manage this yourself.

In this session, I'll cover workflow as code using Dapr Workflow, a new Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) building block that allows developers to build resilient and long-running workflows. As the 10th largest CNCF project, Dapr is used in production by companies like IBM, Alibaba Cloud & Microsoft and is a trusted OSS technology backed by a vibrant developer community.

I'll go into the specific workflow features, such as scheduling, sequential and parallel execution, and external event triggers. I'll show many code samples (in C#) for each of these features and will run the workflows locally using the Dapr CLI to demonstrate their resiliency.

By the end of the session, you will have a good grasp of workflow as code and want to use it yourself to build distributed applications.

Lights, camera, action! Building distributed applications with Dapr Actors

The Actor Model has been around since 1973(!), but what can it do for you, and what are some common use cases today?

In this session, I'll cover how Dapr, a framework to build distributed applications, supports the Actor Model and show how you can write small self-contained units (Actors) that are very useful in distributed and concurrent systems.

Features I'll cover include; state management, timers, reminders, and actor-to-actor communication. I'll provide code samples (in C#) and give live demos for these features in an IoT context, featuring a fictive evil corporation that wants to increase their employee productivity using smart alarm clocks.

By the end of the session, you'll have a good understanding of Dapr Actors and can start using them in your solutions.

Start building distributed applications with ease using building block APIs

Are you interested in building distributed applications or microservice architectures, but don't know where to start? Join this session and learn how the Dapr building block APIs can make your life easier!

Dapr, the Distributed Application Runtime, provides a set of common APIs that makes building microservices a breeze. As the 10th largest CNCF project, Dapr is used in production by companies like IBM, Alibaba Cloud & Microsoft and is a trusted OSS technology backed by a vibrant developer community.

This code heavy session covers the most popular building blocks of Dapr: service invocation, pub/sub messaging and state stores. In addition, the built-in cross-cutting concerns such as resiliency, observability, and security are covered. Code samples & live demos will be provided in .NET.

After this session, you'll have a good understanding how Dapr can help you build reliable distributed applications faster.

CloudBrew 2023 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event Upcoming

December 2023 Mechelen, Belgium

Build Stuff 2023 Lithuania

November 2023 Vilnius, Lithuania

Swetugg Gothenburg 2023

October 2023 Göteborg, Sweden

NDC Porto 2023

October 2023 Porto, Portugal

Marc Duiker

I ♥ Event-driven, Dev Communities, & Creative Coding

Amsterdam, Netherlands