Marcel Schnelle

Marcel Schnelle

I create software and weird music.

Android evangelist since college, circa 2012. Author of the initial Kotlin rewrite of the Runtime Permissions library "PermissionsDispatcher". Used to work with clients in the movie ticket sales and smart meter fields in Germany. At the moment however, he lives in Japan, embracing its culture on the back of a bicycle.

Current sessions

Moving Forward with JUnit 5

JUnit 5 constitutes the next major evolution of the most popular unit testing framework for programming languages on the JVM. JUnit has been embraced by developers for decades now, and continues to amaze with a revised architecture built from the ground up in version 5.

This talk aims to give an introduction to the motivations, architecture and intricacies behind evolving beyond the well-known JUnit 4, and gives an overview of the new features provided by its successor. Attendees will come to embrace the versatility of aspects like dynamic test generation, new APIs for expressive test case declaration, as well as the elaborate backwards compatibility agenda enforced by JUnit 5, which allows for consistent and gradual migration for existing test suites.

Finally, the advantages of early adoption for Android developers specifically are presented by introducing the audience to a third-party Gradle plugin, which enables any Android project to profit from what will eventually become the future de-facto standard for unit testing.