Mari Anne Snow

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Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Mari Anne Snow

Technology is the easy part, it's the people that's the messy business.

Mari Anne Snow, Founder/CEO of Sophaya and Remote Nation, is a dedicated advocate for remote work in all it's forms. Technology has never been better or more affordable to support this type of work. Yet, it's the people behind the technology, the human side of the equation, that often gets in the way of virtual teams achieving full productivity. Mari Anne is on a mission to unlocking the potential of dispersed team members, remote professionals and virtual collaborators through innovative soft skill training that addresses the challenges of today's technology-enabled human interactions.

Mari Anne believes remote professionals need new, innovative interpersonal communication and leadership skills to maximize tools like Office 365 to their fullest. While technology continues to improve, the typical people-to-people (p2p) soft skills and professional development training offered to remote professionals today lags far behind the realities of a dispersed workplace. Mari Anne and her team at Sophaya and Remote Nation aim to change that so people engaging in remote work are skilled up for long term career success. (blog) (company) (Company website)

Versatile, energetic and highly experienced business executive with the capacity to quickly assess any situation, diagnose immediate and long term needs while providing practical leadership and immediate, measurable results. Intuitive coach and group facilitator with expert ability to engage with an audience and diverse collaborators.

Strategic thinker and skilled tactician who is results-driven and logical. Passionate collaborator and change management expert with an international mindset and technical background, able to negotiate across multiple disciplines, cultures and age groups. Experienced working across multiple industries with large international corporations, regulated industries, mid-size organizations, non-profits, start-ups and academia.