Mariano Goren

Mariano Goren

Designing experiences to make Earth a better place to live

Toptal Certified Top-3% UX & Product Strategy Consultant, with 20+ years of experience.

As a Product Design Consultant, Mariano's been helping both Fortune 500 and startups to unite design and technology efforts around a common vision, anchored in user needs. With two decades of experience in digital business, he's able to understand and define the big picture, and then jump into the details to deliver. He's also a Singularity University mentor, serial entrepreneur, and teacher–through his book and courses (18,000+ students).

Worked with the Inter-American Development Bank, Wells Fargo, Santander, LATAM Airlines, RR Donnelley, and top-10 C-level executives of JP Morgan (including a special project for their CEO, Jamie Dimon.)

Bearing a diploma in corporate finance, he's an avid blockchain technology advocate.

Mariano's first experience with finance was designing an exotic financial derivative from state-issued bonds back in 2004 for private trading desks from Argentina.

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