Mark Gershkovich

Information & Communications Technology

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Mark Gershkovich

eviCore Healthcare - Agile Center of Excellence [Servant] Leader

Mark’s broken project management road led him straight to the Agile way of developing products. An extrovert sadly confined to a solitary grey cubical, he did his time in the trenches of waterfall development and QA silos. Liberation came a decade later as he was given a new role as the human bridge between the still-siloed realms of Business and IT. He found success helping humans to develop better products! Small victories led to new roles on the SDLC track: Project Manager, App Dev Manager, Director of Program Management. Challenged with orchestrating the delivery of projects with an increasing scope on fixed dates with fixed budgets, Mark’s teams achieved several miracles, but left him completely disheartened and out of steam. Agile product development injected new life and renewed passion as Mark fully embraced the Manifesto’s values and principles. Who isn’t transformed by the power of operating on empirical data and adjusting to reality based on frequent feedback within smaller time cycles? In recent years, Mark remains invigorated as a servant leader and champion helping a growing team of agilists build their Agile Center of Excellence as part of a tumultuous journey towards real business agility at eviCore Healthcare.