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Martin Ullrich

Martin Ullrich

Senior Consultant at Tietoevry Austria

Vienna, Austria

I am a software engineer working on diverse tech stacks but focusing mostly on .NET in C#, Web Technologies and iOS/Swift.

I am a technology enthusiast who always works on improving development and DevOps processes at our company to make life easier for developers and help deliver high. I was awarded Microsoft MVP for community and open-source work around .NET Core.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Native

How your .NET project file works and cool things you can do with it

The csproj file format has dramatically improved over the last years and you very likely needed to manually edit it.
However, there are lots of useful "dark magic" pieces of additional build logic and customization you can put in there (some of which you may have already copied from StackOverflow without understanding them).

Come to the dark side and learn how the MSBuild "programming language" works and the evil hacks you can then perform on your project and solution files (and also pack into a NuGet package!).

We'll also have a look at what tools to use for diagnostics when your build does not work as expected.

Optimizing for the Cloud – Lightning-speed .NET Container Apps

In this session, we will explore how to optimize .NET applications for the cloud by reducing cold start time and performance for containers in Microsoft Azure. Cold start time can be a critical factor for serverless applications, impacting both performance and cost. With the latest features in .NET, such as Profile Guided Optimization (PGO), Native AOT, Trimming and Crossgen2, you can significantly reduce cold start time for your containers, improve serverless performance and thus save money. We will discuss practical ways to utilize these technologies and share best practices for optimizing .NET apps in Microsoft Azure.

Getting started with Kubernetes for your .NET Application

Kubernetes is the new hotness for deploying your applications, promising to give a consistent way to define and deploy your application structure across various cloud vendors as well as on-premise infrastructures.
This session will make you familiar with the basic features of Kubernetes, show how to deploy a containerized ASP.NET Core application to an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster using Helm.

Exploring Source Generators

Meta-programming is now easily available to all of us in C#! Roslyn’s “Source Generator” feature is a handy tool for making day-to-day work quicker and automating tedious coding tasks or build processes with direct compiler integration.
While this compiler feature was introduced in C# 9 already, new features in .NET 6 now make use of it to help you with tasks like JSON serialization and logging.
In this session, we will look into what source generates can or could be used for, explore the new source generator based .NET 6 features and implement a custom source generator.

MSBuild: Understand and customize your .NET build

MSBuild is the powerful build system used in .NET. With .NET Core, it is now widely used cross-platform and has been open sourced.
Since MSBuild has been powering .NET Core builds since 2017, it has unlocked remarkable possibilities that were not possible with project.json.
It has a programming language of its own. This session introduces to this programming language, explains common build customization techniques, helps avoid pitfalls when setting up your custom build logic and explores strategies to investigate build errors.

Writing Fast Code Using .NET Core 3.0 Hardware Intrinsics

.NET Core 3.0 now gives you access to the raw power of modern CPUs and allows you to supercharge compute-intensive code that you couldn’t really optimize any further without using intrinsic functions provided by C/C++ compilers or even writing CPU-specific Assembler code.
This session explains how code can be vectorized and optimized for modern processors using new vector types and special classes providing access to AVX, SSE and more CPU instruction sets and shows you how to progressively take advantage of these processor features when available on target machines.

Securing your Application with OpenID Connect

When developing for modern service landscapes we need to deal with terms like OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT, Bearer Tokens and more. In this vast landscape auth possibilities for authentication, it is easy to get lost. This session helps to understand and use the principles that underly modern authentication flows.

Swetugg Stockholm 2024

February 2024 Stockholm, Sweden

CloudBrew 2023 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event

December 2023 Mechelen, Belgium

Update Conference Prague 2023

November 2023 Prague, Czechia

.NET DeveloperDays 2023

October 2023 Warsaw, Poland

Microsoft Build Austria

Session From Bits to Conversations: The Development Ecosystem of Generative AI, together with Thomas Lamprecht

September 2023 Vienna, Austria

Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023

August 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark

Swetugg Stockholm 2023

February 2023 Stockholm, Sweden

.NET Developer Conference '22

November 2022 Köln, Germany

NDC Sydney 2022

October 2022 Sydney, Australia

NDC Oslo 2022

September 2022 Oslo, Norway

MS Dev Summit 2021

Talk "Exploring Source Generators"

December 2021 Warsaw, Poland

DevCon Live / .NET Con online event

Talk "Exploring Source Generators"

November 2021 Bucharest, Romania

.NET DeveloperDays 2021

October 2021 Warsaw, Poland

.NET User Group Vienna

Talk "Exploring Source Generators"

September 2021 Vienna, Austria

.NET User Group Vienna

June 2021 Meetup - Microsoft Build – The After Conference Talk- Show

June 2021 Vienna, Austria

.NET User Group Austria

The hidden gems of the .NET ecosystem

February 2021 Vienna, Austria

JetBrains Webinar

Webinar – Tips & Tricks to improve your .NET Build Setup with MSBuild

December 2020

.NET User Group Austria

November 2020 Meetup - .NET 5 & C#9 Round- Table- Discussion

November 2020 Vienna, Austria

Global Azure Bootcamp Austria 2020

April 2020 Pasching, Austria

.NET User Group Austria

April 2020 Meetup - Getting started with Kubernetes for your .NET Application

April 2020 Vienna, Austria

Update Conference Prague 2019

November 2019 Prague, Czechia

.NET User Group Vienna

Talk "Modern Authentication with OpenID Connect"

November 2019 Vienna, Austria

.NET Developer Days 2019

- MSBuild: Understand and customize your .NET build
- Writing Fast Code Using .NET Core 3.0 Hardware Intrinsics

October 2019 Warsaw, Poland

Windows Insider Dev Tour Vienna 2019

Held two sessions at the Microsoft Windows Insider Dev Tour in Vienna:
- Developing with the new Edge Browser
- Myth busting PWAs: The New Edge Edition

June 2019 Vienna, Austria

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 Brno

Talk Azure DevOps Hands-On

April 2019 Brno, Czechia

.NET User Group Vienna

.NET Core 3.0 + WPF & WinForms (what's new + demo session)

December 2018 Vienna, Austria

Update Conference Prague 2018

November 2018 Prague, Czechia

.NET Fest 2018 Kyiv

MSBuild: Understand and customize your .NET build

October 2018 Kyiv, Ukraine

.NET User Group Vienna

Get the Most Out of your (ASP.NET Core) Web App With a PWA

August 2018 Vienna, Austria

Microsoft Insider Dev Tour Vienna 2018

Held session "Get the Most Out of your Web App With a PWA"

June 2018 Vienna, Austria

Martin Ullrich

Senior Consultant at Tietoevry Austria

Vienna, Austria