Massimo Crippa

Massimo Crippa

Lead Architect @ Codit | Azure Cloud-Native MVP

Paris, France


Massimo Crippa is a cloud enthusiast with 20 years of experience with Microsoft enterprise products and technologies. He started his career in the Italian ICT sector as a web developer and later focused on middleware and messaging projects. In 2011 he moved to Belgium where he is working as Azure Domain Lead for Codit.
In this role, he's responsible for the Azure domain where his tasks range from envision the Cloud journey, to demonstrate different Azure PaaS capabilities, and to implement those with customers.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud Native
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Azure
  • Azure PaaS
  • Serverless
  • Azure Serverless
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
  • dotNet
  • Azure Api Management
  • Azure DevOps

Accelerate the solution development with Azure Verified Modules

In this session we will look at Azure Verified Modules (AVM). What is it, how it works and how you can leverage it to speed up your Infrastructure as Code development.

Empowering Governments with Secure Cloud Innovation

In October 2023, Microsoft announced the public preview of the Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, a cloud offering designed to assist governments in meeting their compliance, security, and policy requirements while harnessing the power of the cloud to deliver value to their citizens. Let's open the SLZ box and take a closer look at this preview

Better API Governance with Azure API Center

Having an API catalog is a critical tool for every enterprise that wants to be successful with their API program. An API catalog brings together the different roles involved in an API program and, by promoting the collaboration between them, it fosters API reuse, ensured compliance and better developer productivity.
In this session we will explore what is Azure API Center and how to integrate it in your API design workflow using Azure DevOps.

APIM ❤️ OpenAI - exploring AI Gateway patterns

AI services are primarily accessed through APIs, highlighting the critical importance of a robust and efficient API management strategy. This strategy is vital for maintaining control and governance over the consumption of AI services.

As AI services continue to expand and seamlessly integrate with APIs, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive AI Gateway concept. This concept extends the core principles of API management, aiming to accelerate the experimentation of advanced use cases and pave the way for further innovation.

In this session we will present the AI Gateway concept and the APIM capabilities to implement different design patterns.

Build a warp speed time-to-market API with DAB and Azure Container Apps.

API programs are essential for organizations to stay competitive and meet the growing demand for seamless integration and data sharing. However, building and expanding an API program incurs a significant cost that customers strive to optimize to achieve the ultimate goal of instant time-to-market.
In this session will delve into how the Data API builder enables swift and secure database object exposure through REST or GraphQL endpoints allowing data access on any platform, language, or device.
By combining DAB with Azure Container Apps and API Management we will build up and secure a serverless data API without writing a single line of code!


CloudBrew 2024 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event Sessionize Event Upcoming

December 2024 Mechelen, Belgium

Azure Fest 2024 Sessionize Event Upcoming

September 2024 Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Azure Back to School 2024 Sessionize Event Upcoming

September 2024

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August 2024

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June 2024 Rome, Italy

Azure Spring Clean 2024 Sessionize Event

March 2024

CloudBrew 2023 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event Sessionize Event

December 2023 Mechelen, Belgium

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December 2023

Azure Day Roma 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Rome, Italy

Techorama 2023 Belgium Sessionize Event

May 2023 Antwerpen, Belgium

Massimo Crippa

Lead Architect @ Codit | Azure Cloud-Native MVP

Paris, France


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